Throne and Liberty Release Date

Throne and Liberty, previously known at Project TL is the upcoming massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) by NCSoft. It is basically Lineage 3 for those players who enjoyed the Lineage series. The game was first announced back in November 2011 but has suffered numerous delays and changes to vision of the game. Here is the Throne and Liberty Release Date (The Date Below is Mid June, an expected release date, this will change when we know more).

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Fast-forward to 2022 and NCSoft confirms Project TL is now re-branded to Throne and Liberty. This will be their flagship IP moving into 2023. With both PVE and PVP equally focused gameplay, Throne and Liberty is shaping up to look like a great MMORPG.

Throne and Liberty Release Date

Throne and Liberty Release Date

The Director’s Preview on the 27th December gave us the most detailed look into the game we have had yet. The trailer confirmed that Throne and Liberty will release for PC and next-gen consoles within the first half of 2023, most likely mid June. This will hopefully stay as the Throne and Liberty Release Date.


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