Temple of Slaughter 6-man Dungeon Guide

You’ll go on an incredible journey through the intricacies of dungeons as you advance through the universe of Throne & Liberty. Experience treacherous terrain and a plethora of obstacles that will put your bravery to the test. The Temple of Slaughter Dungeon, a challenging high-level task that will introduce you to Paola’s Dimension Circle’s complexities, awaits you on this exciting adventure. Take part in a sinister story that takes place in the Temple of Slaughter’s depths and culminates in a dangerous showdown with the terrifying Rex Chimaerus.

Temple of Slaughter 6-man Dungeon Guide

What is the Temple of Slaughter?

The Temple of Slaughter stands as one of the covert dungeons accessible within Throne & Liberty. This enigmatic Temple of Slaughter dungeon has evolved into a sanctuary dedicated to harnessing extraordinary strength. Amidst the ancient grassland, countless mysteries patiently await discovery. To undertake this captivating journey, however, one must diligently progress to Level 50, ensuring adequate preparation for the impending battles. Functioning as a crucial stepping stone in your journey, the Temple of Slaughter presents challenges that refine your skills, preparing you for the adventures that lie beyond its shadowy depths.

Temple of Slaughter

Who is Rex Chimaerus?

Sylavean Ahzreil, the elder, stopped all unsuccessful experiments, left the monsters beneath the temple, and sealed it off. In the deserted prison, the remaining creatures engaged in infighting, but King Chimaerus efficiently dealt with them. As per the records of a certain Shadowmancer, absorbing higher levels of mana could result in King Chimaerus transforming into a more potent form named Rex Chimaerus.

Beast of Annihilation - Rex Chimaerus

Navigating the Temple of Slaughter

There are no portals to find to access the Temple of Slaughter. Find the hidden dungeon in the content region by navigating the game menu. After clicking on it to display the list of Hidden Dungeons, choose Temple of Slaughterr from Paola’s Dimension Circle. You’ll be taken to the mysterious depths of the Temple of Slaughter by doing this straightforward deed, where difficulties await you.

Game Menu - Secret Dungeon

As you advance through the Temple of Slaughter dungeon, your initial foe, the Ancient Shade Monk, will engage you, inflicting considerable melee damage on its opponents. Upon entering the chamber, you’ll encounter another formidable enemy – the Ancient Dark Shaman. This adversary poses a significant magical area-of-effect danger by summoning a magic circle on the floor and launching direct attacks. Safeguarding the entrance to the next chamber is yet another Shade Monk, accompanied by the Ancient Zombie Mutt. These Zombie Mutts may either be already present or spawn in subsequent dungeon chambers, so ensure their elimination. It’s worth mentioning that within this room, you can find a moonstone available for extraction.

First Area - The Ancient Dark Shaman

After defeating these enemies, the barricade on your right will vanish, granting access to the room where you must descend to confront new adversaries. In this section of the Temple of Slaughter, utilizing the morph system in the game becomes essential to avoid taking any fall damage. Once you’ve descended, you will encounter a new foe – the Ancient Dark Enforcer, a mage-like enemy wielding a massive scythe. This foe proves challenging to defeat as it possesses a lot of HP compared to other adversaries. Moreover, it inflicts substantial damage when it throws and spins its scythe, causing area-of-effect damage to those unfortunate enough to be hit.

The Ancient Dark Enforcer

Following the defeat of the Ancient Dark Enforcer, you will face yet another formidable adversary—the Ancient Shade Wizard. This foe deals magical area-of-effect damage, generating an expansive circle that releases a potent wave upon impact. It is essential to stay in constant motion to evade being targeted by these attacks. Additionally, the Shade Wizard can summon an Ancient Dark Specter to assist in combat. Upon successfully vanquishing all enemies in this chamber, you will discover a Mana Fluid Regulator. Interacting with it will flood the entire room, lifting you and granting access to the next area.

Ancient Shade Wizard

While situated between the two dungeon rooms in Temple of Slaughter, you’ll encounter another challenge—a Shade Monk and Dark Shaman will attempt to impede your progress toward the next area. On the opposite side, the stakes are raised further. A new Dark Enforcer will confront your party, accompanied by an Ancient Dark Assassin. This formidable foe possesses the ability to teleport in proximity to its adversaries for basic attacks and executes a dangerous area-of-effect spin attack with its claws, presenting a significant threat in melee combat. Additionally, another adversary in this room is the Ancient Psychic Zombie Mutt, boasting substantial HP.

Area between the two rooms - Dark Enforcer enemy

Upon traversing to the other side of the barrier, you will confront an additional Dark Shaman, accompanied by a Zombie Mutt, a Dark Enforcer, a Dark Assassin, and a Shade Wizard. These adversaries will present a formidable threat, unleashing damage before introducing a new opponent into the room. Advancing requires overcoming all the enemies in this area to activate the Mana Fluid Regulator. Interacting with it will flood the room, lifting you and granting access to the next area.

Ancient Dark Assassin

The Ancient Berserk Dark Enforcer

Once you get to the top, there’s another tough opponent in wait for you: the stronger Ancient Berserk Dark Enforcer, who’s been watching over the wall against its adversaries. This opponent can teleport near its victim so that it may swing its scythe in front of it in a frontal strike. It can also twirl its scythe, doing a significant amount of area-of-effect damage. This opponent is more powerful and difficult to defeat than the previous Dark Enforcer since it has far more HP and can do more damage. But don’t worry, your squad will be able to collect and enjoy a ton of riches once you vanquish this opponent.

The Ancient Berserk Dark Enforcer

Once this powerful foe is vanquished, the Dimension Circle Resurrection Gate will open. For most players, this can be a difficult region. As soon as you go inside the chamber, you will see a center that is completely consumed in flames and shooting out bursts that harm everything in its path. You must use the morphing process to go past this dangerous section and glide to the other side of the room. To protect yourself from harm, stay clear of the exploding flames.

Fire Area

Once you’ve made it safely across the chamber, you’ll come across adversaries like Psychic Zombie Mutts, Dark Shaman, Shade Wizards, and Shade Monks.

Shade Wizard, Dark Shaman, Shade Monks, and Psychic Zombie Mutts

The Dark Enforcer, Dark Shaman, and Dark Assassin are among the enemies who stand ready to fight you as soon as you go past them in the next chamber. But much as in dungeon situations, you don’t have to fight every adversary in this section. By hugging the wall nearer the next room’s entrance, you can pass them by.

Tips: hugging the wall

Upon reaching the final area before encountering Rex Chimaerus, you will confront another set of enemies, consisting of a Dark Enforcer and Assassin, along with a Shade Monk and Wizard. However, awaiting you at the end is yet another formidable boss.

Last room before final boss

The Ancient Berserk Shade Wizard

The Ancient Berserk Shade Wizard sits sentry in front of the entrance leading to the area where the last fight awaits you, seeking retribution for its lost companions. This Berserk Shade Wizard shows a great deal of tenacity, making him an extremely difficult opponent. It is difficult to defeat when it has a lot of HP, and it deals a lot of damage, much like a normal Shade Wizard. It typically uses its area-of-effect (AOE) strike, thus mobility is essential while dealing with this powerful opponent. Plus, it comes with the Zombie Mutt, which makes things much more difficult because you have to deal with two enemies.

The Ancient Berserk Shade Wizard

Locating Rex Chimaerus

After defeating the Ancient Berserk Shade Wizard continues to the chamber. There you will encounter Rex Chimaerus, the Beast of Annihilation who patiently awaits your challenge in combat inside the Temple of Slaughter.

Located Rex Chimaerus

Rex Chimaerus Abilities

Rex Chimaerus has five talents that are used during the battle, therefore defeating it will take cooperation and a well-thought-out plan. Here are his powers to help you during the battle and help you defeat this tough enemy.

First Ability

Rex Chimaerus’ first ability is considered its auto attack, wherein it jumps toward its enemy, stunning the target upon impact. Following this, it proceeds to attack its opponent with sharp claws. To stay unharmed, activate a shield skill as soon as he unleashes the attack. 

Rex Chimaerus' First Ability

Second Ability

Rex Chimaerus’ second ability involves the use of its dragon tail. After executing some basic attacks, it targets an opponent and unleashes a three consecutive circle of poisonous substance with its dragon tail, causing damage over time (DPS). Avoiding this is relatively easy; you simply need to move quickly.

Rex Chimaerus' Second Ability

Third Ability

Rex Chimaerus has an ability that involves a frontal attack. When he sees who his enemy is, he lets out a jet of air that hurts the targeted victim. Concurrently, a toxic breath shoots from his serpent tail, doing damage to foes in the vicinity. This particular ability highlights the significance of keeping a safe distance in close-quarters battle by being extremely lethal.

Rex Chimaerus' Third Ability

Fourth Ability

The fourth ability of Rex Chimaerus is really simple. He builds up momentarily, then launches a frontal strike with his head and wags his tail to push back opponents who are coming at him from behind. Remaining a safe distance away from Rex Chimaerus is the best way to prevent harm from this ability.

Rex Chimaerus' Fourth Ability

Fifth Ability

Rex Chimaerus’ fifth ability proves to be highly formidable. Initially, he jumps back to the center of the arena, charges himself up, and unleashes four small platforms equipped with grapples. Subsequently, he releases an area-of-effect fire wave in the front and a poisonous wave at the back, causing significant damage to opponents. A helpful tip for dealing with this ability is to observe the appearance of the small blue platforms. As soon as they materialize, swiftly run off and jump over the wall behind the statue. This action disrupts the boss mechanics, preventing the execution of the area-of-effect/grapple mechanic. After a period, the boss will conclude this ability and resume attempting other abilities.

Rex Chimaerus' Fifth Ability

Temple of Slaughter – Beast of Annihilation Rex Chimaerus Rewards

Upon beating the Temple of Slaughter Beast of Annihilation Rex Chimaerus, you will receive the rewards outlined at the beginning of your journey into the Temple of Slaughter, along with an additional bonus—Exploration Codex Rewards—for successfully defeating Rex Chimaerus. Prepare to reap the fruits of your triumph as you collect both the anticipated rewards and the extra spoils earned from conquering this challenging encounter.

Temple of Slaughter Rewards

Temple of Slaughter 6-man Dungeon Guide


Temple of Slaughter in Throne & Liberty offers a difficult and exhilarating quest, especially with the powerful Beast of Annihilation Rex Chimaerus. The game’s richness and captivating gameplay are demonstrated by the players’ need to maneuver through a variety of adversaries and tactically kill bosses to earn valuable treasure and extra Rewards. Please let us know in the discord channel of our community if you found this post useful. Visit our site to view other Throne and Liberty tutorials!


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