Weapons in Throne And Liberty

With 21 Unique combinations Weapons in Throne And Liberty are a core component of your gameplay, combine weapons regardless of character stats or other boundaries and experience what it means to create your own unique style of combat in Throne And Liberty

Weapons in Throne And Liberty

Weapons in Throne And Liberty are still split into what many of us consider the “Holy trinity” although Throne And Liberty has decided not to bind us to a specific class and instead opted for the freedom of selecting your own combinations. Throne And Liberty offers up to 21 unique Weapon combinations for players to choose from, only bound by their own creativity. Weapons in Throne And Liberty scale with one of 4 attributes.

Strength (Sword, Greatsword)

Serves as the physical base. Provides strong Defense in addition to increasing Maximum Health and Health Regen.

Dexterity (Dagger, Crossbow)

The key to lightning-fast battle proficiency. Sharpens the reflexes to increase attack speed, critical attacks and Evasion.

Intelligence (Wand, Staff)

A strong body is nothing without a strong mind. Increases Maximum Mana and Mana Regen in addition to skill cooldown abilities.


Hones the senses for heightened awareness during battle. Increases the Damage of attacks and CC effects in addition to enhancing time boost abilities.

Weapons in Throne And Liberty

Weapons in Throne And Liberty


The Greatsword is a well-balanced weapon that combines devastating combo attacks with high health. With its earth-shattering AoE attacks, it instantly penetrates the enemy’s defenses and shakes the battlefield. Scales with Strength


The Sword is a weapon that maintains high defense and provides survivability using a shield. You protect your allies by using the weapon as a crowd controller, drawing enemies to you or pushing them back in an instant, which allows you to lead the fight from the vanguard of the battlefield. Scales with Strength


The Dagger is a weapon that specializes in wounding enemies using poisonous CC attacks and stealth. You can hide behind enemies with agile movements to inflict continuous Poison Damage and land a critical blow. Scales with Dexterity


The Longbow specializes in long-range sniping, binding enemies from behind, and dealing amplified damage. it can also be used to accelerate the health recovery of party members, making it a huge asset to your allies. Scales with Perception


The crossbow is a weapon that allows you to fight in style with fast movement and unrelenting attack speed. you can leave marks and unleash a merciless barrage on enfeebled enemies, taking them down in an instant. Scales with Dexterity


The staff is a weapon that allows you to freely control the elements. You can deal devastating damage with explosive magic attacks, and lead the battle in your favor with AoE magic when facing multiple enemies. Scales with Intelligence


The Wand is a weapon that supports friendly players with healing magic and buff skills. A curse skill that not only helps your party survive but also weakens enemies can maximize friendly players’ damage. It’s particularly effective in boss raids or team battles. Scales with Intelligence

Weapons in Throne And Liberty

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