Throne and Liberty Wand

In Throne And Liberty each weapon comes with 7 unique Active skills and 6 unique passive skills. The Wand is a weapon that supports friendly players with healing magic and buff skills. A curse skill that not only helps your party survive but also weakens enemies can maximize friendly players’ damage. It’s particularly effective in boss raids or team battles. Scales with Intelligence

Throne and Liberty Wand

The Throne and Liberty Wand is the go to weapon for support players, designed to heal, buff or debuff your friends and enemies. A team based weapon with a serious amount of utility skills and team buffs. Defend your team mates and Destroy your foes, the Throne and Libery Wand can do it all.

Weapon mastery path

  • Damage: Designed to maximize your curse and damage overtime skills.
  • Recovery: Increased mana regeneration and higher base armor.
  • Weaken: Significant increase to the duration and impact of Enfeeble curses
Throne and Liberty Wand


Intelligence (Wand, Staff)

A strong body is nothing without a strong mind. Increases Maximum Mana and Mana Regen in addition to skill cooldown abilities.

Everything we know about the Throne and Liberty Wand

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