Step by Step on How to Play Throne and Liberty Korea Version

This article includes a video guide and provides a step-by-step breakdown of everything you need to do to Play Throne and Liberty Korea Version

Throne and Liberty has been out in Korea since early December 2023 and the game has been getting more and more popular as time goes by. With high-capacity servers fielding large-scale true MMO world bosses and events, both PVE and PVP more and more people are looking to try the game!

How to Play Throne and Liberty Korea Version

How to Play Throne and Liberty Korea Version

Throne and Liberty has been a blast to play so far and people who see epic videos of massive Castle Sieges and other Guild vs. Guild clashes are immediately tempted to jump into the game.

Unfortunately, we still don’t have a confirmed global release date, so the game is only available to play in Korea and players have to go through multiple steps to safely access the game

Buying a Throne and Liberty account

Although the game itself is Free to Play, due to Korean regulation every account needs to be tied to a Korean ID, so the most straightforward way to experience the game from outside Korea is to buy an account on a marketplace website such as

Step by Step on How to Play Throne and Liberty - Buying a Throne and Liberty Account

Direct link to TnL accounts:

Once you register and are ready to purchase an account, consider the seller’s level, reputation and account description to make sure the seller allows you to change account details such as Phone Number, Email and Password. Once you have purchased your account and received login details, we are ready to move to the next step.

Changing Account Security Settings

It is important to change all the details on your account so that the seller cannot reclaim or accidentally re-sell your account. You will also need to verify your account in-game by receiving an SMS to your phone number (later in the guide).

Navigate to and login to PlayNC website with your new account.

Changing Account Security Settings

On My Profile page make sure to change your Password and set your Recovery Phone Number and Email. Consider adding OTP verification on the Security tab in your account if you expect to make in-game purchases in the future. Once you verify these changes, we are ready to download the NC Purple launcher and Install the game.

Downloading NC Purple launcher and Installing TnL

This step is extremely straightforward – navigate to PlayNC website ( and click the big purple Download button.

Downloading NC Purple launcher

Once you download and install NC Purple launcher, open it, select Korea as a region and login with your updated account details.

Sign into Purple Launcher

Navigate to the Store tab on the left side (see picture below) click on Throne and Liberty and install the game.

Store tab on NC Purple Launcher

Getting and Setting up a VPN

Since the game is only available in Korea, the final step is to set up a VPN. We recommend a gaming focused VPN such as ExitLag or Lagofast, because it can redirect your game connection through Korea while leaving all your other services (browsers, Youtube, Twitch, etc.) intact.

You can download ExitLag here:

ExitLag is a paid service, but it is possible to find a 3-day free trial or snag a discounted subscription – keep an eye out for those!

Getting a VPN free trial

Once you’ve downloaded and installed a VPN, find Throne and Liberty among the list of supported games, select one of the Korean regions in the Game region dropdown and click on Apply Routes.

Setting up the VPN routes

Now you are ready to start the game!

Verifying your Account in-game

The final step is to “tie” your account to your PC by verifying the phone number you’ve updated after purchasing your account.

Click on Start Game in your NC Purple launcher and wait for the game to start up. When you enter the game for the first time, you will encounter the following pop up asking you to sign up for security service.

Verifying your Account in-game

Click Sign up for security service and Send Verification code.

Sign up for security service

Enter the code you received on your phone and click OK.

If you need any help at all or would prefere a video walkthrough of setting up Throne and Liberty, you can watch our video below:

Now you should be ready to choose a server, create your character, and start your epic journey in Throne and Liberty. Enjoy!

We hope you found this guide on How to Play Throne and Liberty Korea Version useful. For more Throne And Liberty Patch-related news and guides check out our Throne And Liberty Section or if you have any burning questions feel free to join our community discord where our helpful community can lend you a hand.


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