Throne and Liberty Daggers

The Throne And Liberty Daggers are the go to DPS offhand, with passives increasing your base critical hit and survivability actives like the camouflage cloak and the only silencing ability in the game the dagger offers insane value for almost any DPS looking for that offhand to boost their main weapon whether they are ranged or melee.

Dagger Showcase Feb 8/02/2024

Throne and Liberty Daggers

The Throne and Liberty Daggers are designed for any DPS looking to spice up their build, while most players don’t run the dagger as their main weapon it does serve as an engager for most. Due to the various mobility abilities and evasion/critical hit passives the dagger gives most DPS players that little edge they need. The dagger also has the only on demand cloaking ability in the game increasing the players survivability significantly.


The Daggers feature a great package for a singular weapon and there for have been quite the talking point within the community, the weapon lacks most of the common weaknesses on other weapons. The only weakness the Dagger has is the duration on its block being extremely short meaning its hard for players with high ping or poor timing to properly dodge using it.

Throne and Liberty Daggers


While the Dagger is mostly an offhand it can be used in a more active role specifically as an engaging tool, using the Shadow Strike ability to close the gap or using the Camouflage Cloak to get close to unknowing players before pouncing on them. The Dagger can be used for both offensive and defensive builds making it a fairly versatile weapon. The Dagger also offers an anti heal with the Knife Throwing ability reducing incoming healing by 60% for up to 6 seconds!

Weapon Mastery Path

  • Disguise: Designed for maximum debuff duration and added defenses
  • Poison: Increased cool down reduction and added damage
  • Assassination: attack speed and critical damage increase

We strongly suggest sticking to the bottom mastery path for both PvE and PvP giving you the best damage boost possible by increasing your critical hit and cool down speed. The other mastery paths do have some benefits like added silence chance but these can all be obtained for relatively cheap as traits on jewelry so dedicating your mastery path to this is in our eyes a pretty big waste.

Throne and Liberty Daggers


The Daggers doesn’t necessarily stand out on its own in PvE it does how ever shine when paired with other weapons as it can be used to deal extra damage with offhand attacks, extra critical damage and cooldown speed! It has little to no group synergy or other nice team oriented benefits so its not necessary within your PvE group although it can definitely help some of your lower damage team mates up their DPS if needed.

Build Guides

The Dagger is mostly used as a means of buffing players main hand weapon while increasing their survivability through evasion and the camouflage cloak, some of the builds down below use the dagger in a more predominant role.

You can find more more guides like those on our build guide page where we have separated builds into PvP,PvE and GvG Categories for you to chose from, fitting for each scenario the game could possibly throw your way. Conquer any content with an MMO-Wiki Build.

Throne and Liberty Daggers

For more Throne And Liberty related news and guides check out our Throne And Liberty Section or if you have any burning questions feel free to join our community discord where our helpful community can lend you a hand.


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