Throne and Liberty Daggers

In Throne And Liberty each weapon comes with 7 unique Active skills and 6 unique passive skills. The Dagger is a weapon that specializes in wounding enemies using poisonous CC attacks and stealth. You can hide behind enemies with agile movements to inflict continuous Poison Damage and land a critical blow. Scales with Dexterity

Throne and Liberty Daggers

The Throne and Liberty Daggers are designed for the backline player, with agile movements and stealth based CC attacks. Daggers will overwhelm their foes and smother them with unrelenting Poison or other damage.

Weapon Mastery Path

  • Disguise: Designed for maximum debuff duration and added defenses
  • Poison: Increased cool down reduction and added damage
  • Assassination: attack speed and critical damage increase
Throne and Liberty Daggers


Dexterity (Dagger, Crossbow)

The key to lightning-fast battle proficiency. Sharpens the reflexes to increase attack speed, critical attacks and Evasion.

Everything we know about the Throne and Liberty Daggers

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