Throne and Liberty Longbow

The Throne and Liberty Longbow is 1 of 4 range weapons designed to engage their enemies out of melee range. The Longbow does an exceptional job at keeping enemies at bay using slows and roots, the longbow can also be used to supplement the wand as a full support role or it can create devastating DPS short and long range combos with the Staff or Dagger.

Longbow Showcase Feb 8/02/2024

Throne and Liberty Longbow

The Throne and Liberty Longbow is designed for longer range engagements and binding players in place, its both a great support and dps weapon. The Longbow proofs to be a great main hand weapon in the mid game meta. The bow as a be all end all weapon sadly falls off a little in the late game but it can still have devastating effects especially in GvG where its increased max range can give Staff and Bow players the massive advantage of being safely behind their own tank lines doing mass amounts of DPS for free.


The longbow is a pretty nice allrounder with only a few obvious weaknesses being the lack of any survival skills and its short duration block meaning letting players get in melee range with you can yield disastrous results fairly quickly, these weaknesses can easily be overcome using a good survival secondary like the dagger especially with the edition of the Blitz skill.

Throne and Liberty Longbow


The Longbow is excellent at engaging enemies outside of their melee range making it a great mid line DPS option, using several passives and weapon combos The Longbow can reach up to 30 meters of range putting it well outside of their enemies range. The Longbow can also be used to help allies regenerate HP and Mana through the Natures Blessing ability.

Weapon Mastery Path

  • Support: Designed for extra health and buff duration.
  • Check: Increased Bind duration.
  • Sniping: Increased damage and attack speed.

We suggest taking the bottom mastery path for almost all applications including PvE and PvP, although some cases can be made for taking the middle paths first ability to get more Hit to counter the evasion meta. We suggest taking the same approach to PvE without the addition of taking the extra hit as it doesn’t matter that much against PVE.


The Bow is a great PvE weapon allowing for a steady stream of damage output with quick ability cooldowns especially when stacked with ability cooldown and proper use of the blitz ability. The Bow can also be used to regenerate Mana using natures blessing which can greatly help out your allies with their mana economy and can be combo’ed with the staff sanctuary skill to sky rocket any staff users Mana pool to be refilled within seconds if both abilities are popped at the same time.

Build Guides

The Throne And Liberty Longbow is a highly versatile weapon and can be combined with almost any weapon to create yourself the ultimate ranged build. The Longbow also has a nice amount of support abilities allowing it to pair well with the Wand.

You can find more more guides like those on our build guide page where we seperate those builds into Pve, PvP and GvG and give extra context/tips to build your ultimate character.

Throne And Liberty Longbow

For more Throne And Liberty Patch related news and guides check out our Throne And Liberty Section or if you have any burning questions feel free to join our community discord where our helpful community can lend you a hand.


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