Throne and Liberty Longbow

In Throne And Liberty each weapon comes with 7 unique Active skills and 6 unique passive skills. The Longbow specializes in long-range sniping, binding enemies from behind, and dealing amplified damage. it can also be used to accelerate the health recovery of party members, making it a huge asset to your allies. Scales with Perception

Throne and Liberty Longbow

The Throne and Liberty Longbow is designed with two distinct roles in mind, you can choose between playing an expert sniper attacking from beyond normal attack range or you can become a major asset to your team in the form of buffing your friendlies.

Weapon Mastery Path

  • Support: Designed for extra health and buff duration.
  • Check: Increased Bind duration.
  • Sniping: Increased damage and attack speed.
Throne and Liberty Longbow



Hones the senses for heightened awareness during battle. Increases the Damage of attacks and CC effects in addition to enhancing time boost abilities.

Everything we know about the Throne and Liberty Longbow

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