Throne and Liberty Staff

The Throne And Liberty Staff offers great AoE and single target damage while staying our of enemies melee range. Use the Staff to destroy large groups of enemies and specifically target tanks with abilities like judgement lightning dealing true damage destroying any sword and shield in your way. Get insane AoE combos on large groups of enemies using meteor and fireball.

Staff Showcase Feb 8/02/2024

Throne and Liberty Staff

The Throne and Liberty Staff is a high versatility magic weapon designed around using and abusing the dynamic weather and elements within Throne and Liberty. The king of AoE skills and high DPS, designed to directly counter tanks and other high survivability players. Fight larger groups then you using destructive AoE abilities causing major damage and destruction on the battlefield. Send lightning and fireballs into clumps to cause massive debuffs and damage.


Sadly the staff suffers from the same weaknesses as The Wand having no real survival skills and being a full magic weapon your block and abilities can be silenced by a Shadow Strike from a Dagger player, on top of this major weakness the staff also has a large amount of stationary abilities making it harder to play in a super dynamic fight. It does how ever have a passive giving you some slight defense against silence although this will often not be enough against a proper Greatsword and Dagger player if they have build their character correctly and have build somewhat close to meta gear and traits increasing their silence chance.

The Throne And Liberty Staff


The Staff can be used to engage enemies at the longest range possible in Throne And Liberty, even benefiting from being at maximum distance through its passives. Destroy tanks and frontlines using AoE abilities like lightning and the meteor. Crush enemies with bursty damage and short cooldowns while also debuffing players around you.

Weapon Mastery Path

  • Mana: Increased mana regeneration and lower base mana costs.
  • Destroy: Added base damage and cooldown reduction.
  • Attribute: Increased mana and intelligence Attribute points.

We suggest taking the middle mastery path for all types of content, it offers the best of all worlds including extra base damage and mana cost reduction. The staffs mastery is slightly more flexible then any other weapons as it doesn’t make or break the weapon.

The Throne And Liberty Staff


The Staff is a great contender for PvE, it deals great damage especially to groups of enemies using some of its AoE abilities. We highly suggest pairing it with at least a bow in your party to keep your mana topped up using their natures blessing and your sanctuary skills in synergy. The Staff can also be paired with a dagger to increase its overall damage output significantly even without receiving buffs from your team mates. The combo is also fairly strong solo as you can easily farm large clumps of enemies quickly.

Build Guides

The Throne And Liberty Staff can be used with a high variety of offhands but we suggest using high survivability or range increasing weapons like our builds below.

You can find more more guides like those on our build guide page where we have separated builds into PvP,PvE and GvG Categories for you to chose from, fitting for each scenario the game could possibly throw your way. Conquer any content with an MMO-Wiki Build.

The Throne And Liberty Staff

For more Throne And Liberty related news and guides check out our Throne And Liberty Section or if you have any burning questions feel free to join our community discord where our helpful community can lend you a hand.


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