Throne and Liberty Staff

In Throne And Liberty each weapon comes with 7 unique Active skills and 6 unique passive skills. The staff is a weapon that allows you to freely control the elements. You can deal devastating damage with explosive magic attacks, and lead the battle in your favor with AoE magic when facing multiple enemies. Scales with Intelligence

Throne and Liberty Staff

The Throne and Liberty Staff is a high versatility magic weapon designed around using and abusing the dynamic weather and elements within Throne and Liberty. The king of AoE skills and high DPS, designed to control and dominate the battlefield.

Weapon Mastery Path

  • Mana: Increased mana regeneration and lower base mana costs.
  • Destroy: Added base damage and cooldown reduction.
  • Attribute: Increased mana and intelligence Attribute points.
Throne and Liberty Staff


Intelligence (Wand, Staff)

A strong body is nothing without a strong mind. Increases Maximum Mana and Mana Regen in addition to skill cooldown abilities.

Everything we know about the Throne and Liberty Staff

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