Throne and Liberty Crossbow

In Throne And Liberty each weapon comes with 7 unique Active skills and 6 unique passive skills. The crossbow is a weapon that allows you to fight in style with fast movement and unrelenting attack speed. you can leave marks and unleash a merciless barrage on enfeebled enemies, taking them down in an instant. Scales with Dexterity

Throne and Liberty Crossbow

The Throne and Liberty Crossbow allows free and fast movement while offering great damage per second and a range of different debuffs. Designed with the speed in mind a crossbow can easily maneuver around the battlefield without and reposition when needed.

Weapon Mastery Path

  • Regen: Designed to increase your self sustain in longer battles.
  • Move: Increased weapon range and damage.
  • Chain Fire: Added damage and attack speed.
Throne and Liberty Crossbow


Dexterity (Dagger, Crossbow)

The key to lightning-fast battle proficiency. Sharpens the reflexes to increase attack speed, critical attacks and Evasion.

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