Throne and Liberty Sword

The Throne and Liberty Sword is a fairly versatile weapon designed with the holy trinity tank in mind, useful in both PvE and PvP the Sword And Shield excels at both types of content. The Sword truelly shines in GvG content though where the user can tank insane amounts of damage for their team while also using binds, pulls and pushes to bring the enemy closer to their own dps.

Sword And Shield Showcase Feb 8/02/2024

Throne and Liberty Sword

The Throne and Liberty Sword offers a high level of base defense while maintaining a scary amount of damage, allowing sword users to make or break formations and turn fights. Designed to force their way in or out of team formations. The Throne and Liberty Sword can also force enemies to attack into your counter barrier causing massive damage.


As it is supposed to be a tanking weapon the Sword And Shield has no obvious glaring weaknesses besides a supposedly intended weakness against certain Staff spells like the Judgement lightning which will deal damage even through block/reflect with no problem causing serious issues for tanks fighting against proper Staff players who know what they are doing. We suggest either staying away from staff users or stunning them as quickly as possible using collision or your secondary weapon like a greatsword or Dagger.

Throne and Liberty Sword


The Throne And Liberty Sword allows players to take large amounts of damage without dying, the sword can be used to tank both PvE and PvP content. The Sword and shield can increase any offhands survivability due its high defensive passives and shield block chance negating any and all damage. Push into enemy lines and cause major frustration amongst their players!

Weapon Mastery Path

  • Provoke & Counter: Designed for a balanced increase in defense and offense.
  • Boss: Added extra health and minor damage boosts
  • Collision: Increase health and damage mitigation.

With the Sword And Shield you can make a case for all the 3 weapon mastery trees although we suggest going with the top tree for PvP as of right now due to the current meta, Damage reduction is also a major component of the sword and shield so getting extra within the mastery tree is a major plus.

Throne and Liberty Sword


The Sword And Shield holds a major place in most dungeon based PvE being the only weapon in the game helping players hold boss or other agro, almost every dungeon party will need at least one meaning dungeons slots are easy to get especially with the new system allowing you to queue as a tank directly.

Build Guides

The Throne and Liberty Sword can be used with a large range of different offhands, while its important to keep your sword as a mainhand at all times due to the increased defenses it can still be used as a in certain DPS combos if played well. The sword also offers increased survivability to fragile classes like healers if comboed properly like our Sword And Wand GvG Build linked below.

You can find more more guides like those on our build guide page where we have separated builds into PvP,PvE and GvG Categories for you to chose from, fitting for each scenario the game could possibly throw your way. Conquer any content with an MMO-Wiki Build.

Throne and Liberty Sword

For more Throne And Liberty related news and guides check out our Throne And Liberty Section or if you have any burning questions feel free to join our community discord where our helpful community can lend you a hand.


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