How to use the Super Duper Machine in Grounded

Patched 1.2 dropped and brought us so much content, including a whole new machine, equipment, and trinkets! The Super Duper is a new machine that can be found in the Oak Lab. Our team has put together a post for this so you can get your hands on them!

Super Duper Machine

The Super Duper Machine

The machine allows the duplication of items and armor in exchange for raw science. Even trinkets, unique items, and upgrade stones can be duplicated. Any item that is copied will also include all of the item’s smithing enhancements, making this much more beneficial for players and saving a ton of time for those times when you and your buddies need to equip yourselves and resume your adventures rapidly.

How to Unlock the Super Duper Machine

In order to unlock the machine you need to find a Duper Disc. There are a total of three Duper Discs, the first disc unlocks the machine, and the succeeding discs increase the limit of raw science that you can use. We have provided the location of the discs in order to help you guys out.

Location of Duper Discs

The Duper Disc 1 can be found on the Hedge Lab on the chair next to the table where you have found the super chip. For more information on the Hedge Lab check out our guide.

Duper Disc 1 Location

The Duper Disc 2 can be found in the Pond Lab on the observatory on the left of the computer. For more information on the Pond Lab check out our guide.

Duper Disc 2 Location

The Duper Disc 3 can be found in the Haze Lab on the table right next to the super chip. For more information on the Haze Lab check out our guide.

Duper Disc 3 Location

We hope you found this Guide on the Super Duper Machine helpful. Looking for other useful things? Why not take a look at our Grounded Interactive Map?


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