Grounded Coziness Guide

After the 1.2 Update, they introduced the new “Coziness” mechanic that will make your base building more rewarding! You can unlock new items that you can use to improve your base and even get some buffs while you are in your base. This article will guide you in maximizing your coziness level. With the intro out of the way, let’s start with the guide!

Grounded Coziness Guide


Each building item has its own value of coziness. Some items can have more coziness value than others. You can see it in the top right of the crafting menu if you click on an item.

If you build enough building items with enough coziness, you will reach level 1. Coziness has 5 levels.

In every level, you can unlock new items and new buffs. It is recommended to build a 6 by 6 foundation base and 6 high to get the maximum cozy level.

Grounded Coziness Guide

Level 1

It is easy to get to level 1. You will just need the essentials, such as a Crafting Bench, a Grinder, a spindle and a couple of decorations like chests and chairs. 

After you get to level 1, you’ll get to unlock;

  • Fireplace Hearth
  • Fireplace chimney
  • Fireplace Vent
  • Fireplace Chimney
  • Clover Roof
  • Fireplace Half Chimney
  • Bur partition

Plus the ‘Thanks’ and ‘Salute’ emote.

Your player will also get the buff “Coziness Hunger Rate” which lessens the rate of you getting hungry by 50 percent when you are in your base.

After this level, you’ll see in the bottom right corner of the progression to the next level.

Coziness Level 1

Level 2

To get to level 2, you just need some more decorations and essentials, like the Dew Collector, Oven, etc. 

Fun fact: placing a duplicate will only supply 10% of the default coziness. For example, the coziness of the Koi Scale Chair is 75, but when you place a duplicate, it will only supply 7.5 coziness.)

After getting to level 2, you will unlock;

  • Fireplace Chimney
  • Crow Roof
  • Ant Candle
  • Spider Candle
  • Clover Awning
  • Clover Awning B
  • Clover Awning Corner
  • Acorn Shelf

Plus the ‘Thumbs Down’, and ‘Squat’ emotes.

Your player will also get the buff “Coziness Thirst Rate” in addition with the previous buff, which lessens the rate you get thirsty by 50 percent when you are in your base.

You’ll also get the Hauling Hero (Phase 1) mutation, which increases your hauling strength by 5.

Coziness Level 2

Level 3

After building some more decorations and essential building objects, you’ll get to level 3. At this level, you’ll not get a new buff but you will unlock new building items which are: 

  • Koi Scale Shelf
  • Trash Can
  • Hot tub
  • Gum partition
  • Bunk Bed
  • Crow Awning
  • Crow Awning B
  • Crow Awning Corner

Plus the ‘Sit’ emote.

You’ll also get the Hauling Hero (Phase 2) mutation, which increases your hauling strength by 10.

Coziness Level 3

Level 4

At this point of the game, you should’ve exhausted all of the crafting recipes you can to reach this level. I recommend building some of the items you’ve unlocked to get to level 4. You can also build the cookery and fresh storage as they are also useful and will help you reach this level. 

Another tip is to use different kinds of beds as they give a good amount of cozy. Things like the hearth from the previous coziness level give you a great amount. Wall mounts are also good to build.

You can also place figurines as they also give great amounts of cozy. Here is a guide to get all of them, which will also give you the Rascal Rogue Mutation.

At this level, you’ll unlock;

  • Picture Frame,
  • Pinecone Roof Corner,
  • Pinecone Roof,
  • Pinecone Roof Squared Corner,
  • Pinecone Interior Corner,
  • Pinecone Flat Roof,
  • Pinecone Flat Triangle Roof,
  • Pinecone Peaked Roof,
  • Pinecone Peaked Dome,
  • Pinecone Valley,
  • Pinecone Shelf,
  • Dry Grass Partition.

Plus the ‘Fist Pump’ emote.

You’ll also get the Hauling Hero (Phase 3) mutation, which increases your hauling strength by 15.

Lastly, you will also get a new buff, which is the “Coziness Heal” buff, which heals your health by 1 every 2 seconds while you’re in your base.

Coziness Level 4
Coziness Level 4 (2)

Level 5

At the last level, you’ll unlock;

  • the Pinecone Table
  • Pinecone Armoire
  • Toenail Chandelier
  • Pupa Leather Couch
  • Grandfather Clock
  • Petal Bed
  • Short Pinecone Dresser
  • Tall Pinecone Dresser
  • Vase D
  • Vase E
  • Vase F

Plus you will also get the ‘Power Up’, and ‘Flex’ emotes.

Coziness Level 5

This level is kind of hard to achieve. Even with all the best buildings, it is still hard to achieve this level, so I recommend that you do not rush this level and take your time in playing the game.

Some of the good decorations are going to be expensive to craft and will use things like Marble Shards, etc. These are recommended to be used in important items, such as Weapon and Armor upgrades.

In this case, here are some building recommendations that have a good amount of coziness. These items are recommended to be built as soon as you get them or as soon as possible.

The petal flower bed, hot tub, and as mentioned before, the figurines.

My last tip on getting to this level is to have a good variety of decorations in order to get to this level.

We hope you liked our “Grounded Coziness” guide. Please also check out our latest Grounded – Interactive Map.


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