Grounded New Building Items in The 1.2 Super Duper Update

The Super Duper Update or also known as 1.2 Update has been out in a while. With this update, It introduced 90 new building items. These new items will surely satisfy your creativity and in building in Grounded. With the intro out of the way, let’s explore the new building items!

New Building Items


  • Large Storage Chest – Holds 60 items.
New Building Items: Large Storage Chest
  • Large Plank Pallet – holds 60 Grass Planks
New Building Items: Large Plank Pallet
  • Large Stem Pallet – Holds 60 Weed Stems.
New Building Items: Large Stem Pallet
  • Hot Tub – Seats up to four tiny teens, who gain the β€œHot Springs” status effect upon soaking in it.


  • Bunk Bed
  • Petal Bed
  • Pupa Leather Couch
  • Trash Can
  • Ant Candle
  • Spider Candle
  • Acorn Shelf
  • Koi Scale Shelf
  • Pinecone Shelf
  • Toenail Chandelier
  • Fireplace Hearth
  • Fireplace Chimney
  • Fireplace Half Chimney
  • Fireplace Chimney Clover Roof
  • Fireplace Chimney Crow Roof
  • Fireplace Vent
  • Picture Frame
  • Pinecone Table
  • Pinecone Armoire
  • Short Pinecone Dresser
  • Tall Pinecone Dresser
  • Vase D
  • Vase E
  • Vase F
  • Weevil Statue
  • Aphid Statue
  • Koi Statue
  • Yoked Girth Statue
  • Moldorc Statue
  • [REDACTED] Statue 
  • [REDACTED] Statue 
  • Standing [REDACTED] Brazier 
  • Sitting [REDACTED] Brazier 

Base Structures

  • Clay
    • Half Clay Foundation
    • Curved Clay Foundation
  • Pebblet
    • Half Pebblet Foundation
    • Curved Pebblet Foundation
  • Clover
    • Clover Peaked Roof
    • Clover Peaked Dome Roof
    • Clover Valley
    • Clover Awning
    • Clover Awning B
    • Clover Awning Corner
    • Clover Awning Diagonal
    • Clover Awning Diagonal B
  • Crow Feather
    • Crow Feather Valley
    • Large Crow Feather Peaked Roof
    • Crow Awning
    • Crow Awning B
    • Crow Awning Corner
  • Grass
    • Grass Outer Curved Floor
    • Corner Grass Stairs
    • Interior Corner Grass Stairs
    • Corner Grass Half Stairs
    • Interior Corner Grass Half Stairs
    • Grass Valley
  • Weed Stem
    • Stem Outer Curved Floor
    • Log Valley
  • Acorn
    • Acorn Stairs
    • Acorn Half Stairs
    • Corner Acorn Stairs
    • Interior Corner Acorn Stairs
    • Corner Acorn Half Stairs
    • Interior Corner Acorn Half Stairs
  • Mushroom
    • Mushroom Stairs B
    • Corner Mushroom Stairs
    • Interior Corner Mushroom Stairs
    • Mushroom Valley
  • Pinecone
    • Pinecone Roof
    • Pinecone Roof Corner
    • Pinecone Roof Squared Corner
    • Pinecone Roof Interior Corner
    • Pinecone Flat Roof
    • Pinecone Flat Triangle Roof
    • Pinecone Peaked Roof
    • Pinecone Peaked Dome
    • Pinecone Valley
  • Ash
    • Ash Valley
  • Other
    • Bur Outer Curved Floor
    • Buoyant Foundation Ramp

Wall Mounts

  • Infected Wolf Spider
  • Infected Gnat
  • Grub
  • Wasp
  • Wasp Queen


  • Infected Wolf Spider
  • Infected Gnat
  • Grub
  • Wasp
  • Wasp Queen

Base Building Ideas

With the help of the Handy Gnat Builder, I’ve created a simple base with the new building items for you to have an idea on how to use them. We have a guide here if you want to try the Handy Gnat Builder. It can help you build in your base more easier and convenient.

Bunk Bed, Fireplace Hearth, Fireplace Chimney

Here, I used the new bunk bed and paired it with the Fireplace Hearth and Fireplace Chimney to make my base feel cozy and at home. The chimney can also be used in the night as light source.

Large Plank Pallet, Large Stem Pallet

I placed the large plank pallet and large stem pallet near together as a storage place for planks and stems.

Hot Tub, Acorn Shelf

I put the hot tub and the acorn shelf at the back to try recreate the feel of a bathroom.

Koi Statue, Aphid Statue, Weevil Statue

I put here the aphid statue, koi statue, and the weevil statue to welcome the anyone who enters through the door.

Sample Base with the Stuffed Infected Wolf Spider

Here, I created a second floor and put acorn fence to match the acorn stairs. I used the stuffed infected wolf spider to match my dew collector and put some utility items here.

Acorn Stairs

I used acorn stairs as I liked its earth tone light brown color and I think it matches well with the color of the floor.

After building your base with the new building items, why not you can try out our Grounded Interactive Map? It will help you to locate collectables, items, labs, resources, and more!


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