Handy Gnat Builder Guide

Are you someone who enjoys building in Grounded? Or do you want to conveniently build in survival? then this update is for you! In update 1.2, you can now summon a Handy Gnat Builder that you can control it yourself that you can use to build more easier!

Handy Gnat Builder is a useful helper that helps in players trying to build. This feature is only available in Creative Mode, Creative with Bugs Mode, or Custom Mode. If you chose Custom mode, you need to toggle it on, on the games settings. Youโ€™ll find it at the bottom side of the settings.

Game settings for Handy Gnat Builder Grounded

The Handy Gnat Builder Guide

To open it in game, press C to open the craft menu, then press S or click on the โ€œACTIVATE THE HANDY GNATโ€ button to be able to use it.

Craft menu with Handy Gnat Builder

As a Handy Gnat Builder, you can fly and build from nearby storage from your character and even carry grass planks and weed stems.

Handy Gnat Builder

To use the construction interface, press the โ€œBโ€ key to bring up a builder hotkey menu. Here is where youโ€™ll find quick-build options from the recipes you found earlier in the game.

Construction Manual for Handy Gnat Builder

Below is an example of what our crafting perspective looks like when using the Handy Gnat Builder.

Handy Gnat Builder building

After youโ€™re done building with the Handy Gnat, why not take a look at our interactive map? It can help you find collectables, creatures, labs, locations, and resources in grounded, all in one map. Here is the link to our Grounded Interactive Map!


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