Dead Island 2 Blueprints

Melee Mods Item Name Location Description Image Uncommon Melee Cremator Mod It is found on the workbench in Emma’s Mansion after returning from the Halperin Hotel. Converts your weapon to inflict Fire Damage and gives a minor damage boost. Successive hits to a zombie also apply the Ignited effect. Uncommon Melee Electrocuter Mod It is […]

Dead Island 2 Locked Stash-Named Zombie-Keys

Named Zombie Name Location Type Drops Green Thumb Eddie Bel-Air Butcher Landscaper’s Key Coach Ace Bel-Air Runner Coach’s Car Keys Crystal The Lawyer Bel-Air Screamer Curtis’ Safe Keys Wayne The Mailman Bel-Air Walker Mailman’s Keys The Cable Guy Bel-Air Shocking Walker Cable Guy’s Van Key Goat Pen Brock Bel-Air Crusher Brock’s Safe Key Drill Sergeant […]

Dead Island 2 Locations

Locations Location Name Image Description Bel-Air Halperin Hotel Beverly Hills Monarch Studios Brentwood Sewers Ocean Avenue Venice Beach Santa Monica The Metro Hollywood Boulevard ×

Dead Island 2 Zombies

Common Zombies Zombie Name Abilities Immunities Description Image Shamblers None None Drops (Fabric, Wire, Scram, Infected Flesh). Walkers Grab None Drops (Infected Flesh, Fabric, Scrap, Adhesive, Fasteners). Runners Fast Running None Drops (Infected Blood, Fabric, Scrap, Fasteners, Wire). Burning Walkers Grab / Burning In Touch Fire Drops (Infected Flesh, Chemicals, Aerosol). Burning Runners Fast Running […]

Dead Island 2 Weapons

Melee Weapons Weapon Profit Type Tier Description Image Mods Axe Maiming Sharp Common Baseball Bat Bulldozer Blunt Common A type of Bulldozer weapon. Puncturator Mod + Impactor Mod + Cremator Mod + Liquidator Mod Black Magic Bulldozer Blunt Common Black magic works best when you’ve got a bat (eye of newt sold separately). Who do […]

Dead Island 2 Skills

Innate Skills Innate skills are unique to every single Slayer. They usually designate their playstyle or highlight their specialized skills. Name Slayer Description Image Divide and Conquer Amy Amy gets a minor DAMAGE boost when she attacks isolated zombies. Relief Pitcher Amy Amy regains STAMINA when hitting a zombie with a weapon throw. Backstab Bruno […]

CDC Suspicious Container Key Location Dead Island 2

To access the CDC Suspicious Container in Dead Island 2, do you need the CDC Suspicious Container Key? Santa Monica Beach in Dead Island 2 is strewn with locked safes and chests that can only be opened with the right keys.