Dead Island 2 Expansion “Haus” Coming on the 11th November

Welcome back in HELL-A, Slayers! When Haus, the first story addition for Dead Island 2, releases on November 2, players will be able to investigate a billionaire’s covert techno death cult.

Dead Island 2 gains a new location, eight skill cards, three weapons, and a ton of new story content in the expansion. Haus will be accessible through the Epic Games Store for PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, Series X and S, and all consoles on which Dead Island 2 was first released.


According to the official summary, “Haus gives players an entirely new storyline to smash zombies through.” “Amidst the Zompocalypse, a billionaire’s secret techno-death cult fights for survival in Haus, where humanity is unleashed from its moral restraints. The group’s leader, Konstantin, prophesizes that this is the ‘paragon of a new future’. It’s up to players to prove them wrong.”

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First Look Of Dead Island 2 Haus Expansion

A mysterious and opulent home in Malibu, California, “where the limits of morality are pushed,” will be visited by players. Fans may catch a sneak peek at Haus in the screenshots below. The new place is a hybrid refuge and “machine to strip away flesh and harvest the soul”.

Dead island 2 Haus can be bought in the epic games store or directly from the dead island website

In the expansion, new weapons were added, including:

  • K-ROSSBOW: Explode zombified brains with ease and unleash deadly long-range gunfire with this precision-made, lethal weapon.
  • Hog Roaster: The golden ticket to gut-wrenching. When you can barbecue them simultaneously, why just butcher a zombie?
  • Dead Islands: Help relieve the burden from your shoulders as you destroy zombie opponents.

Launched in April 2023, Dead Island 2 sold over a million copies in three days, accompanied by an odd but official life insurance policy.

In their rating of 7/10, IGN stated: “Dead Island 2 is a hilarious gore-fest and a competent zombie-slaying adventure, but lacks creativity outside of its great sense of humour.”

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We are happy that you have arrived here! You have just finished reading amazing facts about the upcoming DLC for this incredible game. So if you have questions regarding the Dead Island 2 expansion, feel free to visit MMO Wiki Dead Island 2 Homepage! Also, you can check out our Official Community Discord for more Dead Island 2 Patch Notes news. See you again in HELL-A, Slayers!

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