Ship of Thieves Commendation

Ship of Thieves Commendation

The Ship of Thieves Commendation is rewarded to you when you manage to open the door to the locked ship in Sailor’s Grave. Unfortunately, you can not just go straight to the door and unlock it.

You will need to complete a series of tasks in order to get to this stage to unlock the door.

Ship of Thieves is the fourth part of a six-part series of commendations, which can be achieved in ‘A Pirates Life’ tall tale.

Below are the commendations in order.

Sailor’s Grave Commendations
A Powerful ThirstFill the tankard of Captains Bones in Sailor’s Grave.
Raising the DeadDiscover Dougie, the buried pirate.
Treasure for the DeadReturn the treasure to the buried pirate in Sailor’s Grave.
Ship of ThievesOpen the door to the locked ship in Sailor’s Grave.
Secret of the GraveDiscover the secret of Sailor’s Grave.
The Crew of the Headless MonkeyDiscover the 5 Headless Monkey’s Captain Journals.

Starting Ship of Thieves Commendation

In order to start and get the Ship of Thieves commendation, you must complete the previous commendations, as this is a continuation from the 3rd part of the series, Treasure for the Dead.

If you have not done Treasure for the Dead either, then click the link below, where it will lead you to the very start of the six-part quest series.

Please see our guide here for the first quest in the six-part commendation

Once you have completed Treasure for the Dead, Dougie the buried pirate, will hand you a key, so you can open up the treasure chest that you gave him, as you helped him out with finding the lost treasure.

Poor Dougie’s Medallion

Go ahead and pick the key up next to Dougie’s skeleton and open the treasure chest. Inside you will find Poor Dougie’s Medallion.

Pick the Medallion up from the treasure chest, and you will need to take it to Gamblers’ Den.

To find the Gamblers Den, head back to where you had to lower the cage down, which had the Cursed Captains Skull in it, then look in the south direction. You will see a big ship wrecked, Galleon (the Tavern). Opposite this is Gamblers Den.

Head inside and look at the skeletons at the table, and it will say “Buy-In Required”. If it does not say this, then that means you haven’t completed “A Powerful Thirst“, as Captain Bones requires his tankard filled before Buy-In can be required.

Give the Medallion to the skeletons, then it will require the Cursed Captains Skull, so pick it up and place it on Captain Bones’ body. If you misplaced the Cursed Captain’s Skull, it will go back to the original cage location.

Please note – If you have put the Cursed Captain’s Skull on his body in his captain’s quarters, then you won’t be able to complete the quest. 

Go ahead and watch the scene of the skeletons playing chess. You will then be given the Ship’s Key!

Now it’s time to take this key to the locked door and complete the Ship of Thieves commendation.

The Ship’s Key

Grab the Ship’s Key from the table, and head out of the Gamblers Den. In the north-east direction you will see a shipwreck with white sails. Follow the pathway to this. (This shortcut is unlocked when you lower the Cursed Captains Skull down.)

Follow it around until you get to the pulley, drop the key on the platform and raise yourself up.

You will see the locked door in front of you, grab the key from the floor and go ahead and use the key.

Once the door opens, you will now be awarded the Ship of Thieves commendation. This leads you onto the next commendation, ‘Secret of the Grave‘.

Don’t forget to head inside the Captain’s quarters and loot all the gold piles. Nothing beats free gold!

Ship of ThievesOpen the door to the locked ship in Sailor’s Grave.

If you wish to see the Journals for ‘A Pirate’s Life‘ in Sea of Thieves, then feel free to check our other guides out here.


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