A Powerful Thirst Commendation

A Powerful Thirst Commendation

A Powerful Thirst commendation is awarded to you when you refill the tankard for the skeletons who are playing chess in A Pirates Life tall tale.

Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as visiting them and clicking the action button. We have to do a few things beforehand to make this happen.

A Powerful Thirst is also the first part of a six-part series of commendations, which can be done in ‘A Pirates Life’ tale.

Below are the commendations in order.

Sailor’s Grave Commendations
A Powerful ThirstFill the tankard of Captains Bones in Sailor’s Grave.
Raising the DeadDiscover Dougie, the buried pirate.
Treasure for the DeadReturn the treasure to the buried pirate in Sailor’s Grave.
Ship of ThievesOpen the door to the locked ship in Sailor’s Grave.
Secret of the GraveDiscover the secret of Sailor’s Grave.

Starting A Powerful Thirst Commendation

As ‘A Powerful Thirst’ is the first part out of a six-part series of commendations. You can start this at any time in ‘A Pirates Life’ tall tale until you obtain the cabin key.

To start this commendation, you will want to first make your way to the Sailors’ Grave and lower down the Cursed Captain’s skull from the cage.

We highly recommend you look at our in-depth guide on ‘A Pirates Life‘.

Finding The Gambling Den

If you have followed our in-depth guide and have lowered the Cursed Captain’s skull down. You will be ready to start this side quest for the commendation.

From this location, look south towards the tavern. You will notice to the left of this is the back of a wrecked ship which is called the Gamblers Den. (As seen in images below)

Follow the path and head inside to find two skeletons at a table, playing chess.

In order to start the side quest, you will need to light the candle. So go to your equipment menu and select your lantern. Go ahead and raise it to light the candle.

The skeletons will come to life and start playing chess, but then you will notice they will tip their tankard upside down, as if to say it’s empty.

Continue to watch the animation until they freeze again, and now it will show “Captain Bones’ Special Recipe required.”

Captain Bones’ Special Recipe

Now, it is time to fetch Captain Bones’s special recipe to progress the quest. Go out of the Gamblers Den and go back to where the Cursed Captains’ cage is. 

If you look in the northern direction, you will see a route that you can go down. Follow it around until you reach the pulley that you used the first time when you had to lower down the Cursed Captain’s skull.

If this passage is blocked by some boxes, please relate back to our in-depth guide on how to lower the Curse Captains skull down.

Use the pulley and raise yourself up to the wooden decking that is near the locked door.

Ignore the locked door and jump across the crates that you raised before when you had to lower the Captain’s skull down.

Now that you are on the second wooden decking, you will notice the two platforms on ropes. Use the pulley and make sure the two platforms are close enough so that you are able to reach them with a jump but also close enough to jump across to the other side.

(You may not need to touch this if you have dropped the Cursed Captain’s skull already)

Jump onto the first platform of the two and look around. You will notice a hidden opening in the rocky terrain. Make a running jump and leap into the hole.

Inside this opening you will discover the ‘Captain Bones’s Special’ recipe on the floor next to a crate of bottles.

Returning the Captain Bones’s Special recipe

Pick the glass bottle of the special recipe up and open the locked cell door.

Safely make your way down and head in the south direction back to the Gamblers Den.

As you arrive back in the Gamblers Den, go up to the skeletons and press the action button (‘F’ Key on PC) and give the ‘Captain Bones’s Special’ recipe to the skeletons.

This will activate another animation scene again and the skeletons will continue to play their chess game, but also the skeleton’s head will be blown off due to the secret recipe being so strong.

You will notice it says “Buy-In Required”, after they have stopped. This is for part two of the commendation series called “Raising the Dead“.

You will now be awarded the commendation ‘A Powerful Thirst’, From ‘A Pirates’ Life’ in Sea of Thieves.

A Powerful ThirstFill the tankard of Captains Bones in Sailor’s Grave.


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