Treasure For The Dead Commendation

Treasure for the Dead Commendation

Treasure for the Dead commendation is awarded to you when you locate and return the hidden treasure to Dougie the pirate. This is the continuation part of the side quest just after you find Dougie the buried pirate in ‘A Pirates Life‘ tall tale.

Sailor’s Grave Commendations
A Powerful ThirstFill the tankard of Captains Bones in Sailor’s Grave.
Raising the DeadDiscover Dougie, the buried pirate.
Treasure for the DeadReturn the treasure to the buried pirate in Sailor’s Grave.
Ship of ThievesOpen the door to the locked ship in Sailor’s Grave.
Secret of the GraveDiscover the secret of Sailor’s Grave.
The Crew of the Headless MonkeyDiscover the 5 Headless Monkey’s Captain Journals.

Treasure For The Dead Commendation

Starting the Treasure for the Dead Commendation

In order to start the quest, you must go to Sailor’s Grave in ‘A Pirates Life‘ tall tale and’ manage to discover the buried pirate Dougie. This is important as you will not be able to start this commendation until this has been done.

Please see our guide here on how to complete the ‘Raising the Dead’ commendation.

Once you have completed the Raising the Dead commendation / Discovered Dougie the buried pirate. You will be ready to start the quest. You can do this by equipping your lantern and raising it to light Dougies Lantern.

This will bring Poor Dougie alive, who will talk about how he still has the key, but unfortunately, the treasure map has gone missing and if we can locate the treasure chest he will share the treasure inside with us.

Once he has finished talking, it is now time to try and locate the treasure map. Unfortunately, he doesn’t give us any clues, so it is time to go around Sailors’ Grave and look for some or even the treasure map.

Dougie’s Treasure Map

Once you’ve finished talking to Dougie, head outside and go back to where the Cursed Captains Skull was, when you dropped the cage down.

Then you will want to head in the north/north-east direction for a wooden pathway. That will lead to the front of the broken ship, where you will see a locked door.

Walk up to the door and use the Action button to open it.

As you enter inside, you will notice a book on the table. It is for the Tales of the Damned Journals.

Look towards the skeleton lying on the bed, you will notice he is holding a treasure map.

Go besides him, and you will notice you can move the skeleton’s arm. Doing this will move the magnifying glass and give you more of an idea where the treasure chest could be located.

We recommend pulling out your spyglass too, so you can “zoom in” and see more clearly.

Sadly, it doesn’t show too much still. You might be able to piece it together and randomly dig in this area, but you can make it a lot easier to locate the correct location.

In order to do this, we can activate certain torches and this will cause the treasure map to light up with the correct location for the treasure chest.

Revealing the Treasure Chest Location

Put your spyglass away and look around the room, you will notice a set of stairs going up and leading outside onto the balcony.

Walk up the stairs and unlock the door, there will be a total of 3 torches on this balcony. Two of them are directly in front of you and the last remaining one is around the corner.

Use your lantern and light all three of these and head back downstairs into the skeleton’s bedroom.

Although we have lit the three torches, we need to find a way to let the light into the room. So just as you enter the bedroom, you will notice a pulley, go up to it and use it.

You will notice this activates the curtains in the room and lets the light come through. Also, the candles in the room all light up.

Now head back to the skeleton which is lying on the bed, and take a peak through the magnifying glass again with your spyglass. You will notice an X has appeared on the treasure map.

Finding Poor Dougie’s Treasure Chest

Upon looking through the magnifying glass, you now need to find where the ‘X’ location actually is. Looking at the map, you will notice two major things that will help.

One of them is the tip of a ship. That is the tavern (as it has a wrecked galleon on top). The other clue is that it shows wooden steps leading to the back of a boat. This is the exact same layout for the Gamblers Den.

It is not the clearest clues but this all adds up correctly, if you put the map side by side with the picture we have taken.

Make your way out of the bedroom and follow the wooden path back to the middle of Sailor’s Grave and you will instantly notice the Tavern because of the galleon on the top and Gamblers Den because of the back of the wrecked ship.

If you look a little closer at the treasure map, you will also notice the ‘X’ location was near a set of trees, so using the treasure map and the image below, locate the treasure chest location.

Now equip your shovel and continue to dig at this location to reveal Poor Dougie’s treasure chest.

Once you’ve managed to dig up the treasure, you will notice it says “Poor Dougie’s Key needed to unlock”.

It’s now time to return it to Poor Dougie for our cut of the treasure!

Opening Poor Dougie’s Treasure Chest

Now that we have located the treasure chest, pick it up and head back to Dougie who is located next to the docks, alongside the stairs in the little passage.

Once you arrive back, make sure you are holding the chest, then press the Action button and give the chest to Dougie.

He will now wake up and drop the key, and ask you to open the chest to see what’s inside. This is needed for the next commendation, called ‘Ship of Thieves‘.

Once you hand the chest back to Dougie, you will now be awarded the ‘Treasure for the Dead’ commendation in ‘A Pirates Life‘ tall tale in Sea of Thieves.

Treasure for the DeadReturn the treasure to the buried pirate in Sailor’s Grave.


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