Raising the Dead Commendation

Raising the Dead Commendation

Raising the Dead commendation is achieved when you find Dougie the buried pirate. This can be done during “A Pirates Life” tall tale in Sea of Thieves.

As this is not a mandatory quest during the tale, this can easily be missed during your adventure.

Starting Raising the Dead Commendation

In order to start this commendation, you will need to reach the Sailor’s Grave area in ‘A Pirates Life’ tall tale.

Please see our guide ‘A Pirates Life‘, if you are unsure where Sailor’s Grave is or how to get there.

It is not needed for this commendation, but to help you proceed through the full six-part side quest which includes ‘Raising the Dead’, we strongly advise lowering the Captains Skull down first.

Sailor’s Grave Commendations
A Powerful ThirstFill the tankard of Captains Bones in Sailor’s Grave.
Raising the DeadDiscover Dougie, the buried pirate.
Treasure for the DeadReturn the treasure to the buried pirate in Sailor’s Grave.
Ship of ThievesOpen the door to the locked ship in Sailor’s Grave.
Secret of the GraveDiscover the secret of Sailor’s Grave.
The Crew of the Headless MonkeyDiscover the 5 Headless Monkey’s Captain Journals.

The Tavern

Once you’ve reached Sailor’s Grave, you will want to locate the Tavern. You are looking for a wrecked galleon that the pirates have turned into their local tavern.

An easy way to locate the Tavern is to stand where the Cursed Captains Cage dropped down and now look in the south direction. Please see photo below for reference.

Enter inside the Tavern and head to the back of the building. You will notice a set of stairs, follow it up until you get to a captain’s desk with a map on it.

Equip your lantern from your inventory and light the candle. Ghost pirates will start to appear and an ‘X’ location will be revealed on the map.

Finding The X Location

Now its time to find the X location which was on the pirates’ map. Head out of the Tavern and head in the north direction to the Cursed Captains Ship (one with the red sails).

Just before you reach the Cursed Captains Ship, you will notice another pathway that makes you head in the east direction.

Follow the pathway around, and you will notice a big hole with piles of treasure around it.

The Gold Trail

Look at the gold piles on the floor, and you will notice lots of gold coins, which appear more and more when you follow them.

Your task is to follow the trail all the way to the end location. If you get lost, then you can return to any part of the trail and it will resume you back as normal.

As you carry on following the gold coins, you will notice a broken mast and a gold pile at the bottom of some wooden ladders.

Climb the broken mast and you will get to a boarded-up doorway. Continue following the gold trail past this until you drop off the small ledges.

Continue following the trail, you will notice the Lighthouse on your right. This is a good sign. Keep going forward until you get to the start of the wooden docking area.

Now enter the small passageway beside the stairs where you will find an open treasure chest and a big hole.

Dougie The Buried Pirate

Time to find Dougie, the buried pirate. Equip your shovel from your inventory and start digging in the hole, you will notice a skeleton starting to appear. This is Dougie, the buried pirate! It will take around three digs in order to fully uncover him.

Once you have fully revealed the skeleton, you will notice a prompt on your screen ‘Poor Dougie Discovered’ and you will be awarded the ‘Raising the Dead’ commendation. For discovering Dougie the buried pirate.

Raising the DeadDiscover Dougie, the buried pirate.

Completing this will now allow you to start the next commendation, ‘Treasure for the Dead‘. In order to start this, light the lantern beside Dougie and listen to his dialogue to begin this side quest.

Please click our guide here, if you wish to continue on with the Treasure for the Dead Commendation.


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