A Pirates Life Tall Tale

A Pirates Life Tall Tale

A Pirates Life is the first tall tale out of five from the Pirates of the Caribbean tall tale series. You will be tasked to head to the Sea of the Damned to find the Ferryman who has Captain Jack Sparrow locked up, who holds the legendary golden key which gains access to other seas like the Sea of Thieves.

A Pirates Life Commendations

There are a total of 15 commendations in the ‘A Pirates Life’ tale. 13 of them are tasks that you will need to achieve on your journey and 2 are cosmetic rewards that you will be awarded for completing the tale and completing all the commendations.

Strange ShoresNavigate through Dead Man’s Grotto.
Tales of the DeadRescue the Cursed Captain.
Waiting for EternitySummon the Ferry of the Damned.
Raising the DeadDiscover Dougie, the buried pirate.
Treasure for the DeadReturn the treasure to the buried pirate in Sailor’s Grave.
A Powerful ThirstFill the tankard of Captains Bones in Sailor’s Grave.
Ship of ThievesOpen the door to the locked ship in Sailor’s Grave.
Secret of the GraveDiscover the secret of Sailor’s Grave.
The PrisonerRelease the Ferryman’s Prisoner.
A Pirate’s LifeComplete ‘A Pirate’s Life’ Tall Tale.
Tales of the DamnedDiscover the 5 Cursed Captain’s Journals in Sailor’s Grave.
The Crew of the Headless MonkeyDiscover the 5 Headless Monkey’s Captain Journals.
Mist and MemoryComplete all commendations in ‘A Pirate’s Life’ Tall Tale.
Cursed Captain’s HatReward for completing ‘A Pirate’s Life’ Tall Tale.
Cursed Captain’s SailsReward for completing all commendations in ‘A Pirate’s Life’ Tall Tale.

Starting A Pirates Life

To start the first tall tale of the Pirates of the Caribbean series, head to any outpost and look for the Castaway Camp. Then look at the outside wall of her home. You will notice five tall tale books. The pirate ship is the first one called ‘A Pirate’s Life’. You can use the quest table on your boat and start ‘A Pirate’s Life’ Tall tale.

Into the Green portal

After starting the tale, you will now need to wait and listen to the Castaways dialogue. During the time of listening to the Castaway, you will notice a big green mythical portal which appears between the two massive rocks in the background.

Now it’s your time to sail your boat inside the portal. You will notice it will phase you into a different zone which is called the tunnel of the damned.

Sit back and relax while your boat slowly heads through the tunnel of the damned. ‘Rare‘ have done a great job with the atmosphere they have created with all the ghost ships and scenery you see when passing by.

While you are enjoying the view, wait until it phases you again into the second portal “Strange Shores”.

Strange Shores

You will gain access to your ship again, and you will notice a huge island ahead of you. This is called Dead Man’s Grotto.

Sail towards the island and dock your ship next to it. You will notice a pathway, follow it around and past the wraith statue.

Dead Man’s Grotto

Upon entering Dead Man’s Grotto, you will then get to a door that is locked.

In order to unlock this, you will need to equip your lantern and then raise it up to the campfire to get the Flame of the Souls.

The Flame of the Souls is a different type of flame, which will be used as a “key” to light braziers and torches/lanterns to gain access through the Tall Tale.

Go to the two skeletons on either side of the door and raise your lantern to unlock the wooden door.

Follow it along until you get to the next door. This requires three lanterns to be lit, as you can see in the photo below.

One lantern is located on a broken row boat. Head through the passage on the left-hand side to find this.

Another lantern is located on the skeleton at the west side of the door. This requires you to move the skeleton’s arm first, then you can go ahead and light the second lantern.

Finally, the third lantern is located on the right side of the room on the small hill.

You will now notice that there are three standing torches on the ground have lit up and the door will start opening,

Finding the Door handle

Continue to follow the pathway and enjoy the scenery, until you get to a big area which has a group of pirates in the middle of the room drinking from their tankards.

As you see in the photo below, there is a passage way under some water near the pirates.

Head inside and find the missing handle which is located on the skeleton. Pick this up and now go back to the pirates.

Follow the pathway behind the pirates to find a door at the top of the room. You will see a locked door that requires a handle to open it. Go ahead and use the handle you just picked up and gain access to the next room.

Lowering the drawbridges

Continue to carry on through Dead Man’s Grotto, with some small jumps and maneuvers until you get to a big room with a drawbridge in the distance. As seen in the image below.

When you arrive in the room, you will notice a lantern near the edge of the water. This is the first lantern in the room.

Equip your lantern from your inventory and light the lantern. This will cause a row boat scene. You will notice the pirates sailing up the stream.

Follow it up the hill, and you will see a raised drawbridge and a capstan. Use the capstan to lower the bridge.

Now walk across the drawbridge, and you will see a pulley. Use this to lower the next platform and jump across.

Follow it around and you get to a dead end and another platform that needs to be lowered. Look at the lantern in the corner and go ahead and light this.

You will see the pirates in the row boat sailing towards you. Wait until they dock the rowboat up and the drawbridge will lower and you can run across it.

Treasure Cave

If you have seen Pirates of the Carribean The Curse of the Black Pearl movie, You may notice this treasure pile. When the pirates return it due to seeing others turn into skeletons cause of the Aztec curse.

You will want to go past the pirates and follow the pathway upwards and jump across the small platforms.

You’ll then get to a room that has a platform that needs to be lowered, climb up the ladders and use the armory box and select a sword.

You will notice a thin bit of rope holding the platform up. Use the sword and cut it to lower it down.

Follow it around, and you’ll notice a pulley and a mast. Use the pulley to pull the mast towards you. Hop onto this and the mast will fall back down, allowing you to jump safely across.

Carry on further, and you will notice another rope that can be cut with your sword. Cut the rope and lower the next platform down. Now jump across and you will come across a water slide.

Slide down and follow it around to find yourself at Sailor’s Grave.

You will now obtain the ‘Strange Shores’ commendation for navigating around the Strange Shores.

Sailor’s Grave

Once you arrive at Sailor’s Grave, you will be faced with a locked gate. Head to the brazier on your left and raise your lantern to light it.

You will then notice beacons light up and the gate will open up. Allowing you to step inside Sailor’s Grave.

The Cursed Captain

Head through the gate and down the pathway until you get to a wooden ship.

You will hear a voice talking to you, listen to the voice while looking up and see a cage.

After listening to the Cursed Captain, He will give you the task of lowering the cage down and getting him out.

As seen in the photo below, this is the starting location in order to lower the Cursed Captains’ cage..

Start from the ship and follow it around and walk across the broken mast. You will then see an opening with water, dive in and swim to the other side.

Then you will notice a pulley, stand on the platform and raise yourself up,

You will notice a locked door (this is required for the Ship of Thieves commendation), But for now, locate the pulley and pull the crate up.

Please note – This will unlock a shortcut to this area again if you fail to make the jump.

Jump across the boxes, and you will be another platform with another pulley.

Use the next pulley and move the boxes at a close enough distance for you to jump across to the other side, as seen in the photos below for reference.

Now head up the tip of the ship, and you will be able to use your sword to cut the rope and lower the cage which has the cursed captain in it.

Safety drop down to the ground and talk to the Cursed Captain, listen to the dialogue, you will then be told to locate the key, which will open the cage.

The Cursed Captains Cage Key

After you’ve finished listening to the Captain, you will be told that the key was last located in the tavern.

Look south, you will see a wrecked boat-looking building. That is the tavern (as seen in the photo below).

Head inside, you will see an item shining on top of the chandelier. Locate the pulley above the stairs and lower the chandelier down.

Grab the key and head back to the captain. You will now be able to unlock the cage and help rescue the captain.

This will also unlock the commendation ‘Tales of the Dead’ for rescuing the Cursed Captain.

The Lighthouse

Pick the Captain’s skull up from the ground, he will mention it is best to start at the old lighthouse. Look west and you will see the lighthouse.

Head over there until you get to a stone bridge, as you’ve got the skull in your hand, the torches will light up green and the bridge will start appearing.

Make your way across the bridge and to the top of the lighthouse, and you will notice two skeletons (one without a head), stick the Cursed Captain’s skull onto the light keeper’s body. He will explain how you can summon the ferryman.

Climb the ladders behind you and use your lantern to ignite the lighthouse brazier. A bright green beam will appear. Now you will need to use this beam to light the three braziers out on the island opposite you.

As seen in the image below, there are 2 wheels on the light, one controls the rotation of the beam and the other controls the pitch.

Use the light and light the 3 braziers.

Once you’ve lit the three braziers, you will now see the Ferryman in the distance, coming towards the island.

Go back and speak to the Cursed Captain, he will ask you to take him to his ship with the red sails. In return, it will give you a safe way of getting on board of the ferry.

Lighting all three braziers will award you the commendation of ‘Waiting for Eternity’.

The Cursed Captains Ship

The Cursed Captain will now have a key in his mouth, take his skull down the lighthouse and take a left when you walk back over the stone bridge.

You will see the cursed ship with the red sails with a headless skeleton outside the door.

Put the skull onto the skeleton outside the door, he will pull his secret lever to open the door.

The Cursed Captain will want you to take him to his cabin.

WARNING – This is the point of no return for the Sailor Grave Commendations

If you wish to get any of the commendations below, then please stay at Sailors’ Grave. If not, please proceed ahead.

Sailor’s Grave Commendations
A Powerful ThirstFill the tankard of Captains Bones in Sailor’s Grave.
Raising the DeadDiscover Dougie, the buried pirate.
Treasure for the DeadReturn the treasure to the buried pirate in Sailor’s Grave.
Ship of ThievesOpen the door to the locked ship in Sailor’s Grave.
Secret of the GraveDiscover the secret of Sailor’s Grave.
Tales of the DamnedDiscover the 5 Cursed Captain’s Journals in Sailor’s Grave.
The Crew of the Headless MonkeyDiscover the 5 Headless Monkey’s Captain Journals.

Grab the Cursed Captain’s Skull and make your way around the Cursed ship, until you get to the Captain’s quarters. You will notice his body in the middle of the room at the desk. Put his skull on his body.

The Captain will now give you the cabin key.

The Ferry of the Damned

Use the cabin key on the cabin door behind the Cursed Captain. Go pass the cursed treasure, you will notice a rowboat at the back of the ship.

Detach the rowboat from the boat and head south towards the lighthouse. You will notice lights on the islands, row towards these and you will notice on your east, the Ferry of the Damned.

Head to the back of the ship and board your rowboat to the back of the boat and climb the ladders. The Ferryman will start talking to you and the other souls that are on the boat. The Ferryman mentions we must set sail for the longest voyage of all.

Releasing the prisoner

After the Ferryman has spoken, go to the middle of the boat and equip your lantern. Light the flame which will open the lower deck of the ship.

Head down the steps and you will reach a locked door. You will need to light the candle which will unlock this door.

Proceed to the next room where you will need to find two candles to open this door.

The First Candle is very easy to notice as it is on the wall in front of you on the left side.

The other candle is behind the sarcophagus. Press the action button to move it out the way, then light the second candle.

Go through the next door and follow it down until you get to the prison cell to see the legendary Captain Jack Sparrow.

Listen to Jack Sparrows dialogue, he will want you to get the keys from the dog to let him out of the cell.

It is a simple case of interacting with the dog to get the keys, then using them on the prison cell door to let Jack Sparrow out.

For unlocking the door for Jack Sparrow, you will be awarded the commendation ‘The Prisoner’.

Slowly, follow Jack Sparrow back up to the top of the deck of the ship, where he will talk to the Ferryman.

The Flying Dutchman

Time to prepare yourself. Davy Jones has appeared and the Ferryman has called you to fight. You will see the Flying Dutchman ship appear out of the water.

The chains will come off the cannons, and you can now load cannonballs into the cannons to prepare for an attack!

If you run out of cannonballs, don’t panic, just go under deck in the photo below and you will discover the red barrels full of cannonballs.

So continue to use these to replenish your stock when needed and the brown barrels are full of food.

Start firing and shooting the cannons at the ship until it goes underwater. Continue to do this multiple times.

Captain Jack Sparrow will speak to the Ferryman, who will give him his sword. Prepare to fight for boarders. Locate the ammo box and Armory box on the top deck, and fight off the ocean crawlers.

After a few waves of enemies, get ready to jump back on the cannons and start shooting at the Flying Dutchman again.

Remember to keep going under deck and replenishing your ammo and food when needed as there is unlimited stock below.

At the front of the boat you will notice a huge ocean crawler fighting with Jack Sparrow. Eventually, the ocean crawler steals the treasure and dives into the water.

Fight off the Flying Dutchman one last time before, the boat shoots a massive wave out, which causes the boat to rock and Jack Sparrow to fall off.

The Ferryman will now speak to you and mention that he will return you to your land and vessel, so you can continue to fight and save all that you have endangered.

This will now complete the ‘The Pirates Life’ Tall Tale. Head through the Ferrymans Door and you will be put back into the tunnel of the damned. Enjoy the scenery until it transitions you into the Sea of Thieves.

Completing ‘The Pirates Life’ Tall Tale, will give you the ‘The Pirates life’ commendation and unlock the second tall tale of the series called ‘The Sunken Pearl’. If you wish to start this, head to the Castaway Camp.

A Pirates Life Tall Tale Rewards

Upon completing the Tale, you will earn 8000 gold if you are on Higher Seas and the Cursed Captain’s Hat. In order to unlock the Cursed Captain’s Sails, you will need to complete all the commendations.


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