10 Beginner Tips and Tricks for Once Human

10 Beginner Tips and Tricks for Once Human

Here is a guide on the top 10 best beginner tips and tricks for Once human. During our time playing all the previous tests of the game, we learned many “what to do” and “what not to do”. So, here we have put this together, so you have a much better experience than when we did.

#1 – A Free Motorbike

The first tip that we can give you is to get a motorbike without crafting it. As soon as you land in Nalcott, you may see other players racing up and down the streets in vehicles and cars.

Do not panic, all you need to do is follow the main story quests in Deadsville and then do the quest called “Welcome Back”. When you speak to Mary about going to the Monolith, she will give you a motorcycle for free!

Just remember to unlock the Garage memetic and craft this, in order to repair your bike if you break it.

10 Beginner Tips and Tricks for Once Human

#2 – Passive Ore Farming

The second tip we can offer you is being able to get ore and stone while you are out on your journeys. It’s very simple and easy. All you need to do is farm ore yourself. Preferably copper ore. Until you get “The Digby Boy” deviant drop.

Then place this inside a secure unit. Then, overtime, the deviant will go out on its on accord and farm you stone and ore. Access the secure unit to retrieve the materials.

#3 – Passive Wood Farming

The third tip is the same as the second tip, but instead of stone and ore, you can get the Logging Beaver, which passively gets you wood while you are doing more important things.

In order to get this deviant, you will need to wait for the fishing event – south of Broken Delta and as soon as it’s active. Fast travel to this location and there will be a chance the Logging Beaver will spawn (next to the vendor).

#4 – Changing Worlds

The fourth tip/trick that is very important to know, is “changing the world”. You can easily do this by going to any Teleportation Tower, then selecting a different world.

This is important as you can change and be in the same world as your friends, but the real tip and trick to this, is that you can hop around the worlds to find different events or even farm resources multiple times in the same location.

For example, you can farm all the startrace ore, then change worlds and go back to the same location, and they will be all there again ready to farm.

#5 – Early Game Overpowered Deviant

The fifth tip that we want to share is the “Festering Gel” deviant. This deviant has a chance to be acquired by defeating the first boss – Ravenous Hunter in the Monolith of Greed.

This deviant is extremely powerful for many reasons. Of course, the first reason is the cover it gives, which allows you and your team to hide behind it, but it has two special abilities that everyone overlooks.

One of the abilities is that it heals all players near the Festering Gel while it’s down. So, this is extremely powerful, but it also restores all sanity to all players too. So you don’t need any more sanity gummies.

#6 – Easy Fuel For Your Vehicles

The sixth tip/trick is a way to get easy fuel. You may be wondering how you can get a lot of fuel for your motorcycle or car. Well, there are two easy ways.

The first one is to loot every car trunk/boot when possible. Every time you loot a car trunk it will give you some Portable Mixed Fuel. This will tally up extremely fast too.

The second way is to go to the Oil Refineries/Production Facilities such as Eastern Railway Junction and use a refinery permit or an extraction permit on this and defend it. Successfully defending it will give you a nice amount of resources, such as acid, but also give you lots of Barreled Premium fuel, which is the best for your vehicle.

#7 – Restoring Sanity and Healing Easy

The seventh tip/trick we have is how to restore your sanity and gain health super easily at your home. Apart from using the festering gel deviant.

You can simply place a bed in your home and lay down on it. Not many people know this, but as you lay in your bed, your sanity will restore and your health will go back up too.

#8 – Making Ice Cubes

The eighth tip is that you can go to the fridge and make ice cubes. Simply connect the fridge to power and add purified water to it, and it will start producing Ice Cubes.

These are super ideal as you can keep this on your player. They don’t just hydrate you, they restore sanity too!

#9 – Easy Energy Links

The ninth tip is a way to make easy energy links. Eventually, you will be running low on these because of how expensive it can be to purchase things. Well, as you gather levels in Once Human, you will unlock the Memetics Mastery, which gives you the option to pick one exclusive skill every 5 levels.

In order to get easy energy links, you or your friends look for either “Combo Chipset” or “Precious Metal Refining” or “Rare Crystal Set”.

The Combo Chipset – Turns Electronic Parts, Metal Scrap and Parts into the Combo Chipset using the Supplies Workbench. The Combo Chipset can be sold for a large number of Energy Links.

The Precious Metal Refining – Smelt Gold and Silver Ores into Ingots using the Electric Furnace. The Ingots can be sold for a large number of Energy Links.

Rare Crystal Set – Turn Crystals into the Rare Crystal Set using the Electric Furnace. The Rare Crystal Set can be sold for a large number of Energy Links.

#10 – Easy Acid

The final tip at number 10 is to get you or your friends to get the Memetic Mastery skill – Sulfur Alchemy. Later on, as you progress through the game, you will realise acid is a resource that is a must. it is used to craft many things. So to solve this problem, you want to get this skill.

“Sulfur Alchemy” lets you turn Sulfur into Acid using the Synthesis Bench. Which is insane! You will be set for life and if you need other resources, you can ask to trade acid for any materials, as every player will need huge amounts of acid.

We hope you liked our 10 Beginner Tips and Tricks for Once Human guide, if you have any tips or tricks you wish to share, then why not join our discord community and help share with others.




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