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Once Human has entered its 3rd CBT (Closed Beta Access) with over 150,000 people participating in it. With the previous CBT ending roughly 3 months ago, the devs have made quite a few changes throughout the game, including lootable chests, redesigning some areas and Elite mob locations.

Securement Silo EX1 is the third silo you can do requiring a minimum level of 35. This has to be the fastest silo to do and is quite fun. The downside to this is that is has very little mats to farm. The silos are important as they unlock Cradle slots as well as provide mods for your armor and weapons. You can run this silo as a group or solo.

I did Securement Silo EX1 as a solo player using the SCAR for its huge lightning damage from Power Surge. I took the AWM as my secondary weapon to help eliminate mobs from a distance. This combination of weapons makes doing this silo solo much easier.

Securement Silo EX1 can be found in the Chalk Peak zone South of the Monolith of Thirst.

Normal Difficulty

First Area

As you enter Securement Silo EX1 you will be greeted with a typical facility look. Metal detectors and cameras watching the entrance. This silo does not have much loot lying around but has a few chests you are able to loot on your way to the boss. Clear the room of the few enemies and go into the room on your right. This will be the first chest you can loot! There should only be one mob in the room.

Proceed through the gate and clear the enemies. Continue to the lift and take the lift down.

Second Area

Once you reach the bottom with the lift there will be some mobs for you to clear before proceeding. Clear the mobs and continue through the halls. You will come up on a door that you need to open with the control panel. This next room has waves of enemies spawning in and coming from the sealed rooms to your right and left. As you eliminate enemies more will spawn until the mini boss spawns in. Eliminate all enemies as well as the mini boss to get access to the keycard needed to proceed further!

After defeating all the mobs as well as the mini boss, pick up all the loot. You will loot a Rosetta V3 Access Card that you can use to open the door to the left of the entrance. This will take you to a room with a Weapons Crate that you can loot!

Once you have looted the Weapons Crate, proceed back to the lab room and head to the back of the room where there is another control panel you can use your Access Card on. Proceed down the stairs eliminating any mobs you come across.

Third Area

The next area is a prison block with multiple enemies in it. Clear out all the enemies before venturing down. As you kill the mobs the prison cell doors will open, letting out more enemies for you to kill. Once you have eliminated all the enemies, jump down and head through the hole in the wall of the once cell on the left.

This room will have a supply crate and a medical bag for you to loot. Proceed back to the main cell block and head up the stairs. To the right of where you came in is a hallway blocked by some goo. Shoot the weakspots to clear the path.

Once clearing the goo barricade, proceed into the next cell block and eliminate all the enemies. Loot the supply chest and proceed through the door on the ground floor. Going through the door will take you into what looks like a simulation room.

Simulation Room

This section seems simple. Start on one end and run to the other side while eliminating the enemies. While this is what you need to do, there is a little trick to the room. The pillars you see with a green light indicate when it is safe to move and when you need to stand still. If you move when it turns red you will freeze in place and end up being teleported back. Green means run and gun. Red means stop and wait! Now get yourself to the other side!


Once you get through the Simulation Room you will immediately enter the boss room and start fighting the boss. While this boss seems quite scary it has very simple mechanics to understand. Securement Silo EX1 boss is one of the easiest bosses in the game currently. The boss is huge with multiple lights on it. The lights go from green to yellow to red. While it is green it is safe to move around the area. When it turns yellow you will want to find a spot behind a wall to position yourself. As soon as it turns red you need to stand still to prevent yourself from freezing in place. Exactly like you did in the Simulation Room.

Firstly, you want to shoot the Sirens lights out while they are green and yellow. While doing this, mobs will be spawning and coming down the stairs to you. Try take the mobs out while you are waiting behind the wall for the lights to turn red. This gives you more time to take out lights while you are able to move around. When the lights go red, little satellites come down and shoot a beam at you. This does A LOT of damage so it is best to be positioned behind a wall to block the beam. Rinse and repeat this until you destroy the last light, which will eliminate the boss!

Normal Difficulty Video Walkthrough

Hard Difficulty

For every silo, there are multiple difficulties. Each difficulty adds different elements to it making it more of a challenge. The silo itself does not change, but the amount of mobs and the difficulty of them increases. Hard difficulty increases the mobs level to level 50 making them tankier and do more damage. It also brings in a variety of mobs as well as adding slight differences to the bosses. Another difference is that there are mutations added to the silos with Hard and Master Difficulty. The mutations change from time to time giving you a different experience each time you do it.

In the second area you will encounter mobs with shields on them as shown in the picture below. They only start losing health once this shield is down. To reduce the shield quickly, shoot the mob in the head to deal a lot of damage at a quick rate.

You can use the door as a funnel as they can get stuck on each other making it easier to kill them. The mini-boss stays the same mechanic-wise but he has considerably more health and does A LOT more damage than the normal version. Keep your distance and move back through the corridor if needed to defeat him.

Continue as you did in normal difficulty and loot all the crates and proceed down the stairs. The prison cell area has no real changes except when you need to destroy the goo. Behind the goo is an elite mob that you will need to kill. This mob is one of the easier elites in the game to kill so it should not be too much of a challenge for you.

Once the elite is down continue to the next room and clear it out and move through the door on the ground floor. The Simulation Area is the same just with added mobs and shielded mobs. Eliminate them and proceed to the boss.

Securement Silo EX1 on Hard has no difference in the boss fight as it does on Normal besides the fact that there is a health and damage increase to the mobs as well as the boss. You can use the strategy outlined above to defeat the boss on Hard difficulty as well.

Hard Difficulty Video Walkthrough

Master Difficulty

The Master Difficulty was quite a letdown for I think most players in Once Human. I was expecting to get a lot better loot as well as have some different mechanics on the mini boss and boss, but this was not the case. While the silo does get a lot hard with level 60 mobs and increased damage and health, it also meant that I lost A LOT of durability on my weapons and armor. If that wasn’t enough, due to the large health pools of the mobs it took a lot more ammo to bring them down.

All in all the Master Difficulty silos I feel would only be worth farming as a group unless you have found a really powerful build that can take down mobs fast. While you do get a guaranteed epic roll on your legendary mods, the amount of resources you end up using is just not worth it as a solo player.

Master Difficulty Video Walkthrough

Securement Silo EX1 Conclusion

Securement Silo EX1 is the third of six silos currently in Once Human. The silos have a lot of potential as long as there are changes made with the different difficulties. This silo is great to farm Mask and Shoe mods and with is being so quick you can farm a lot of mods in a short period of time. This silo is not a silo you want to farm for mats as it barely has any loot in it. Hopefully, the devs change the mechanics in the different difficulties to make the silos more of a challenge.

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