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Once Human has entered its 3rd CBT (Closed Beta Access) with over 150,000 people participating in it. With the previous CBT ending roughly 3 months ago, the devs have made quite a few changes throughout the game, including lootable chests, redesigning some areas and Elite mob locations.

One of the activities that you as a player need to do in order to unlock Cradle slots are the Securement Silos. Securement Silo THETA is the sixth and final silo you can do requiring a minimum level of 45. These Silos are completely soloable but are obviously faster if you do them in a group. Experience and loot does not differ if you do it solo or in a group.

I chose to do Securement Silo THETA as a solo player. I like challenging myself when I try out new content and this was a nice way to test it out. When I was doing this silo, I found that using the SCAR was very useful with its Power Surge ability. I chose to use AWM as my secondary weapon as it does massive damage when zoomed in for a short period of time.

Securement Silo THETA can be found in the Red Sands zone north-west of the HP Evolution Institute.

Normal Difficulty


As you enter Securement Silo THETA you will follow the path and drop down into the sewers. You can go either left or right. It does not matter which way you choose as they join up again. It is advised to go both ways as there is loot both ways. There are multiple mobs to clear out as you go through the sewers.

After clearing out the left and right side you will continue straight towards what looks like a pile of bodies with mobs around it. The below picture shows where you are aiming to go as well as where you come out if you went right at the beginning.

Eliminate the mobs around the pile and loot the area around there. Take the only path available to you. There are mobs and a room with a Cavern to the left that you can eliminate. In this room is a storage crate to loot. Go back out and continue straight until you come across the stairs to your right.

First Room

Once you have looted to the left of the stairs you can make your way up the stairs and into the first room. Here you will encounter a few mobs as well as 3 Caverns that you need to eliminate. Eliminate the mobs in the liquid as well as the Caverns. This will remove the barrier that leads to the second room and to the boss room.

The pillar in the middle has a ladder that you can climb up. Go up and eliminate the 2 mobs and 4 spiders that are up there. Loot the storage crates and then jump down and head to the room opposite to the boss room passage. This entrance is marked on the image below. It will take us to the Seepage Zone after we interact with the statue in the room.

After interacting with the statue you will enter the Seepage Zone. Turn around and loot the bags and crates behind you.

Seepage Zone

Continue past the statue and through the tunnel. You will be greeted with a room with 6 statues in it and the mini boss under the floor. To bring the boss out you will need to rotate the statues to mimic the ones in the reflection of the water. I have added the number of times you need to rotate the statues in the image below. I usually start on the left as the one statue on the right does not need to be moved at all.

Once you rotate the last statue the boss will climb out from the other side of the floor and you can engage it. Shoot the mob under his belly to stun him for a few seconds. This will allow you to do a lot of damage to him. Once you have eliminated him collect your loot. Dr Teddy the deviant does spawn in this room by chance so keep an eye out for him.

Head back the way you came and interact with the statue to return to the normal part of Securement Silo THETA.

Tunnel and Second Room

After returning from the Seepage Zone head to the right and proceed to the end of the tunnel. Watch out for the mobs spitting out goo. This knocks you and does some damage. As you go through the tunnel, mobs will start to spawn in. The easiest is to just run to the end of the tunnel and then take care of the mobs.

Continue to the second room. This room is quite easy to navigate. Run up the growth on the right as you enter the room and then jump across to each platform until you reach the big platform. Do the same to get across to the second platform. Once you have looted the crates on each platform make your way through the tunnel to the final room which is also the boss room.


The boss for Securement Silo THETA is Gluttony. You have faced this type of boss a few times while playing Once Human so it should not be difficult for you to defeat this boss. When the boss spawns in start shooting the shining growths on its legs. Once you have destroyed all 3 it will fall to its knees. This opens up its head to be shot and take huge damage. Do be aware of the mobs that will spawn at random while you are fighting the boss.

If the boss gets too close to you it will lift its foot and slam it down causing a shockwave. This does deal damage to you but you can avoid it by standing on a higher point or by jumping over it when it gets to you.

Defeat Gluttony and collect your loot. You have successfully completed Securement Silo THETA!

Normal Difficulty Video Walkthrough

Hard Difficulty

For every silo, there are multiple difficulties. Each difficulty adds different elements to it making it more of a challenge. The silo itself does not change, but the amount of mobs and the difficulty of them increases. Hard difficulty increases the mobs level to level 50 making them tankier and do more damage. It also brings in a variety of mobs as well as adding slight differences to the bosses. Another difference is that there are mutations added to the silos with Hard and Master Difficulty. The mutations change from time to time giving you a different experience each time you do it.

Securement Silo THETA has some changes to it with the Hard Difficulty setting. You will notice there are more mobs in the rooms as well as some mobs with shields on them. The process stays the same as above. Kill all the enemies and grab all the loot!

Like most of the other silos, Securement Silo THETA has extra mobs and some new mobs. The main difference is the Seepage Zone boss and the final boss that you will need to change your strat. For the Seepage Zone boss there is no change in the statues. You will turn them the same amount of times as in Normal Difficulty. The boss however will create a barrier around the area around him. You will need to be inside this barrier to be able to damage him. There will also be a lot more mobs that spawn in so keep an eye on your surroundings.

The tunnel leading to the second room has a slight change as well. It now spawns more mobs against the wall making it a little harder to get through. Follow the same procedure as in Normal Difficulty. The second room now has mobs spitting goo out on each platform. Some are on the roof and spit down so take care.

Before entering the boss room I found it best to stand in the tunnel and kill the mobs in the room first and then to jump down so that the boss spawns in.

While fighting the boss you will encounter and elite mob that spawns in. This one drills underground towards you and hops out. Take it out as quick as possible as it deals a lot of damage.

Once the boss reaches 50% health it will go immune to damage. The room will fill up with a green mist. You will need to run around the room and kill 3 Spores.

Once you have destroyed the 3 spores you will be able to attack the boss again. Eliminate it and claim your loot!

Hard Difficulty Video Walkthrough

Master Difficulty

The Master Difficulty was quite a letdown for the majority of players in Once Human. I was expecting to get a lot better loot as well as have some different mechanics on the mini boss and boss, but this was not the case. While the silo does get a lot harder with level 60 mobs and increased damage and health, it also meant that I lost A LOT of durability on my weapons and armor. If that wasn’t enough, due to the large health pools of the mobs, it took a lot more ammo to bring them down.

All in all, the Master Difficulty silos felt like they would only be worth farming as a group unless you have found a really powerful build that can take down mobs fast. While you do get a guaranteed epic roll on your legendary mods, the amount of resources you end up using is just not worth it as a solo player.

Master Difficulty Video Walkthrough

Securement Silo THETA Conclusion

This silo is the fourth of six silos in Once Human currently. It is more of a challenge than the first two silos but quite manageable if you focus and take your time. I did Securement Silo THETA for the first time at level 50, so it was easier to do than normal. It is great to farm mats to disassemble as well as armor and weapon mods. This silo is very quick to do solo and even quicker as a group. If you want to farm legendary mods then you will want to do Securement Silo THETA on Hard difficulty as it drops Epic and Legendary mods.

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