Named Zombie

Name Location Type Drops
Green Thumb Eddie Bel-Air Butcher Landscaper’s Key
Coach Ace Bel-Air Runner Coach’s Car Keys
Crystal The Lawyer Bel-Air Screamer Curtis’ Safe Keys
Wayne The Mailman Bel-Air Walker Mailman’s Keys
The Cable Guy Bel-Air Shocking Walker Cable Guy’s Van Key
Goat Pen Brock Bel-Air Crusher Brock’s Safe Key
Drill Sergeant Halperin Hotel Crusher Military Supplies Key
Jamal? Halperin Hotel Walker Jamal’s Crate Key
Hotel Security Halperin Hotel Walker Security Guard’s Safe Key
Karaoke Bridesmaid Halperin Hotel Voltaic Screamer Laundry Room Locker Key
Mutated Guest Halperin Hotel Mutator Fancy Leather Trunk Key
Military Courier Halperin Hotel Runner Military Courier’s Key
Sunbather Halperin Hotel Putrified Slobber Poolside Container Key
Brentwood Staff Beverly Hills Screamer Brentwood Waste Key
Target Practice Beverly Hills Butcher Nikki’s Prize Key
Nosy Neighbour Beverly Hills Walker Garage Safe Key
SSG Hernandez Beverly Hills Walker Biohazard Container Key
Obi The Pool Guy Bel-Air Runner Obi’s Key
The Site Foreman Beverly Hills Mutator Foreman’s Key
Party Bouncer Beverly Hills Crusher Bouncer’s Key
Michael’s Protege Beverly Hills Walker Michael’s Safe
Space Fox Prop Master Monarch Studios Spiky Runner Space Fox 2250 Prop Key
Kelli Jo Longeteig Monarch Studios Screamer Kelli Jo’s Suitcase Key
Monarch Security Monarch Studios Walker Security’s Cooler Key
Maintenance Worker Brentwood Sewers Butcher Maintenance Toolbox Key
Felipe The Sewer Tech Brentwood Sewers Firestorm Slobber BWRP Technician’s Key
PVT. Delgado Venice Beach Walker Delgado’s Supply Case Key
Jake Jones Venice Beach Walker Strongman Cooler Key
Ollie Venice Beach Runner Skate Things Safe Key
Roach Venice Beach Walker Gang Green Safe Key
Tasty Donut Boss Venice Beach Slobber Tasty Donut Safe Key
Rose Venice Beach Screamer Rose’s Storage Key
Jo’s Shambling Body Venice Beach Walker Jo’s Secret Stash Key
Burger ’66 Server Venice Beach Putrified Slobber Burger ’66 Locker Key
LT. Land Venice Beach Walker LT. Land’s Case Key
Officer Mackenzie Venice Beach Walker Officer’s Lockbox Key
Brody The Lifeguard Venice Beach Runner Lifeguard Hut Safe Key
Faulty Electrician Ocean Avenue Shocking Runner Electrician’s Key
Serling Hotel Guest Ocean Avenue Spiky Runner Guest’s Keepsake Key
Officer Wilson Ocean Avenue Riot Gear Walker Mall Cop’s Luggage Key
Serling Concierge Ocean Avenue Walker Serling Reception Key
Talk Show Guest Ocean Avenue Firestorm Slobber Newsroom Hard-Case Key
Randgate Staff Ocean Avenue Voltaic Screamer Randgate Security Key
Luigi Jr Santa Monica Spiky Runner Luigi’s Famiglia Key
Beach Hunk Santa Monica Inferno Crusher Lifeguard Kit Box Key
Dante Santa Monica Crusher Randy’s Locker Key
CDC Viscera Cleaner Santa Monica Caustic-X Walker CDC Disposal Key
Derailed Patient The Metro Voltaic Screamer Patient Lockbox Key
Eschaton Doctor Hollywood Boulevard Voltaic Screamer Eschaton Safe Key
Nick The Usher Hollywood Boulevard Walker Box Office Safe Key
Starla Taylor-Moore Hollywood Boulevard Crusher Starla’s Safe Key
Metro Ticket Taker Hollywood Boulevard Firestorm Slobber Ticket Office Safe Key

Stash Keys

Name Dropped From Opens
Cable Guy’s Van Key The Cable Guy Cable Van Truck
Coach’s Car Keys Coach Ace Coach’s Car Trunk
Curtis’ Safe Keys Crystal The Lawyer Curtis’ Valuables Safe
Landscaper’s Key Green Thumb Eddie Eddie’s Toolbox
Mailman’s Keys Wayne The Mailman Special Delivery
Brock’s Safe Key Goat Pen Brock The Safe of Broseidon
Fancy Leather Trunk Key Mutated Guest Fancy Leather Trunk
Security Guard’s Safe Hotel Security Halperin Security Safe
Jamal’s Crate Key Jamal? Jamal’s Ammo
Jamal’s Crate Key Jamal? Jamal’s Stash
Laundry Room Locker Key Karaoke Bridesmaid Laundry Room Locker
Military Courier’s Key Military Courier Military Courier’s Case
Military Supplies Key Drill Sergeant Military Supplies Case
Poolside Container Key Sunbather Poolside Bio Container
#09, #14, #33, #49, #53 Keys Safe-Deposit Boxes
Brentwood Waste Key Brentwood Staff Brentwood Waste Bin
Foreman’s Key The Site Foreman Construction Team’s Safe
Garage Safe Key Nosy Neighbour Family Garage Safe
Michael’s Safe Key Michael’s Protege Michael’s Safe
Nikki’s Prize Key Target Practice Nikki’s Bounty Reward
Obi’s Key Obi The Pool Guy Obi’s Things
Bouncer’s Key Party Bouncer Party Contraband Case
Biohazard Container Key SSG Hernandez Secure Bio Container
Kelli Jo’s Suitcase Key Kelli Jo Longeteig Kelli Jo’s Suitcase
Security’s Cooler Key Monarch Security Security Guard Cooler
Space Fox 2250 Prop Key Space Fox Prop Master Space Fox 2250 Prop Chest
Maintenance Toolbox Key Maintenance Worker BWRP Maintenance Toolbox
BWRP Technician’s Key Felipe The Sewer Tech BWRP Staff Drawers
Burger ’66 Locker Key Burger ’66 Server Burger ’66 Staff Locker
Delgado’s Supply Case Key PVT. Delgado Delgado’s Supply Case
Gang Green Safe Key Roach Gang Green Store Safe
Jo’s Secret Stash Key Jo’s Shambling Body Jo’s Stash
LT. Land’s Case Key LT. Land LT. Land’s Case
Officer’s Lockbox Key Officer Mackenzie Officer’s Secure Lockbox
Rose’s Storage Key Rose Rose’s Storage Box
Skate Things Safe Key Ollie Skate Things Store Safe
Tasty Donut Safe Key Tasty Donut Boss Tasty Donut Store Safe
Lifeguard Hut Safe Key Brody The Lifeguard Venice Lifeguard’s Safe
Strongman Cooler Key Jake Jones West Coast Weights Cooler
Electrician’s Key Faulty Electrician Electrician’s Toolbox
Guest’s Keepsake Key Serling Hotel Guest Guest’s Keepsake Box
Mail Cop’s Luggage Key Officer Wilson Officer Wilson’s Luggage
Serling Reception Key Serling Concierge Serling Reception Safe
Newsroom Hard-Case Key Talk Show Guest Newsroom Hard-Case
Randgate Security Key Randgate Staff Randgate Secure Case
Luigi’s Famiglia Key Luigi Jr Famiglia Storage Box
Lifeguard Kit Box Key Beach Hunk Lifeguard Kit Box
Randy’s Locker Key Dante Randy’s Locker
CDC Disposal Key CDC Viscera Cleaner Suspicious Container
DBD Chest Key DBD Chest
Patient Lockbox Key Derailed Patient Patient’s Lockbox
Eschaton Safe Key Eschaton Doctor Eschaton Staff Safe
Box Office Safe Key Nick The Usher Theater Box Office Safe
Custodian’s Locker Key Custodian’s Locker
Starla’s Safe Key Starla Taylor-Moore Starla’s Award Show Safe
Ticket Office Safe Key Metro Ticket Taker Metro Ticket Office Safe

Locked Stash

Name Location Type Drops
Cable Van Truck Bel-Air Cable Guy’s Van Key Electrocuter Tire Iron
Coach’s Car Trunk Bel-Air Coach’s Car Keys Agile Golf Club
Curtis’ Valuables Safe Bel-Air Curtis’ Safe Keys Tactical Heavy Revolver
Eddie’s Toolbox Bel-Air Landscaper’s Key Vampiric Machine Pistol
Special Delivery Bel-Air Mailman’s Keys / Complete My Mailman Was A Zombie Lost&Found Quest. Raven
The Safe of Broseidon Bel-Air Brock’s Safe Key Guarding Mace
Fancy Leather Trunk Halperin Hotel Fancy Leather Trunk Key Tenacious Blueprint
Halperin Security Safe Halperin Hotel Security Guard’s Safe Violent Machete
Jamal’s Ammo Halperin Hotel Jamal’s Crate Key Ammo
Jamal’s Stash Halperin Hotel Jamal’s Crate Key Pistol
Laundry Room Locker Halperin Hotel Laundry Room Locker Key Electrocutor Pole Saw
Military Courier’s Case Halperin Hotel Military Courier’s Key Relentless Military Axe
Military Supplies Case Halperin Hotel Military Supplies Key Guarding Military Knife
Poolside Bio Container Halperin Hotel Poolside Container Key / Complete Missing: Jamal Lost&Found Quest Pucturator Composite Sledgehammer
Safe-Deposit Boxes Halperin Hotel #09, #14, #33, #49, #53 Keys Cash + Random Weapon
Brentwood Waste Bin Beverly Hills Brentwood Waste Key Puncturator Heavy Wrench
Construction Team’s Safe Beverly Hills Foreman’s Key Superior Melee Impactor Mod
Family Garage Safe Beverly Hills Garage Safe Key Bloodthirsty Bowie Knife
Michael’s Safe Beverly Hills Michael’s Safe Key Defiant Hunting Knife
Nikki’s Bounty Reward Beverly Hills Nikki’s Prize Key Superior Ranged Liquidator Mod
Obi’s Things Beverly Hills Obi’s Key / Complete The Clean And Snatch Lost&Found Quest Electrocutor Officer’s Sword
Party Contraband Case Beverly Hills Bouncer’s Key Powerful Whispering Blade
Secure Bio Container Beverly Hills Biohazard Container Key Acid Rain Weapon Mod
Kelli Jo’s Suitcase Monarch Studios Kelli Jo’s Suitcase Key Agile Officer’s Sword
Security Guard Cooler Monarch Studios Security’s Cooler Key Damaging Police Baton
Space Fox 2250 Prop Chest Monarch Studios Space Fox 2250 Prop Key Electrocutor Pistol
BWRP Maintenance Toolbox Brentwood Sewers Maintenance Toolbox Key Leeching Zombie Axe
BWRP Staff Drawers Brentwood Sewers BWRP Technician’s Key Liquidator Claws
Burger ’66 Staff Locker Venice Beach Burger ’66 Locker Key Gastric Bypass
Delgado’s Supply Case Venice Beach Delgado’s Supply Case Key / Completed [REDACTED] Lost&Found Quest Mutilator Pistol
Gang Green Store Safe Venice Beach Gang Green Safe Key / Complete Missing: Pablo Lost&Found Quest Leeching Club
Jo’s Stash Venice Beach Jo’s Secret Stash Key / Complete Jo’s Rainy Day Stash Lost&Found Quest Primed Crowbar + Electric Bomb
LT. Land’s Case Venice Beach LT. Land’s Case Key Destructive Heavy Revolver + Desctructive Weapon Mod
Officer’s Secure Lockbox Venice Beach Officer’s Lockbox Key Puncturator Nightstick
Rose’s Storage Box Venice Beach Rose’s Storage Key Black Magic
Skate Things Store Safe Venice Beach Skate Things Safe Key Impactor Pipe Wrench
Tasty Donut Store Safe Venice Beach Tasty Donut Safe Key Liquidator Shotgun
Venice Lifeguard’s Safe Venice Beach Lifeguard Hut Safe Key Zombie Sword
West Coast Weights Cooler Venice Beach Strongman Cooler Key Impactor Mace
Electrician’s Toolbox Ocean Avenue Electrician’s Key Superior Ranged Mutilator Mod
Guest’s Keepsake Box Ocean Avenue Guest’s Keepsake Key Energizing Skill Card
Officer Wilson’s Luggage Ocean Avenue Mail Cop’s Luggage Key Money
Serling Reception Safe Ocean Avenue Serling Reception Key Superior Melee Mutilator Mod
Mystery Goodie-Box Ocean Avenue Complete 3 Side-Quests (The Rav-Ages of Caustic X) + (Boz Makes A Bang) + (Dez And The Mother Of Satan) Shark Tooth
Newsroom Hard-Case Ocean Avenue Newsroom Hard-Case Key Tactical Assault Shotgun
Randgate Secure Case Ocean Avenue Randgate Security Key / Complete Missing: Greg Lost&Found Quest Vengeful Weapon Mod
Famiglia Storage Box Santa Monica Luigi’s Famiglia Key Puncturator Bo Staff
Lifeguard Kit Box Santa Monica Lifeguard Kit Box Key Superior Melee Cremator Mod
Randy’s Locker Santa Monica Randy’s Locker Key / Complete Fool’s Gold Lost&Found Quest Deep Shit
Suspicious Container Santa Monica CDC Disposal Key Liquidator Auto Carbine
DBD Chest The Metro DBD Chest Key ?
Patient’s Lockbox The Metro Patient Lockbox Key Electrocutor Hunting Rifle
Eschaton Staff Safe Hollywood Boulevard Eschaton Safe Key Superior Ranged Electrocutor Mod
Theater Box Office Safe Hollywood Boulevard Box Office Safe Key Superior Ranged Puncturator Mod
Custodian’s Locker Hollywood Boulevard Custodian’s Locker Key ?
Starla’s Award Show Safe Hollywood Boulevard Starla’s Safe Key Smashing Composite Sledgehammer
Metro Ticket Office Safe Hollywood Boulevard Ticket Office Safe Key Cremator Claymore


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