Main Quests

Name Reward Weight
Flight of the Damned (Tutorial) HELL-A
Desperately Seeking Bella 2500 XP Bel-Air
Bel-Air Brawl 2500 XP Bel-Air
Call the Cavalry 1500 XP Halperin Hotel
Room Service for Major Booker 3000 XP Halperin Hotel
The Chosen One 2500 XP Bel-Air
O Michael, Where Art Thou? 2000 XP Beverly Hills
Kwon With The Wind 2000 XP Beverly Hills
Michael Anders and the Holy Grail 4000 XP Monarch Studios
Justifiable Zombicide 6000 XP + Uncommon Ranged Puncturator Mod + Ranged Weapons Unlocked Beverly Hills
Saddle Up Santa Monica 4000 XP Bel-Air
Flushed 3000 XP Brentwood Sewers
The Heart of Darkness 3000 XP Brentwood Sewers
The Red Mist 5000 XP + Cleaver Brentwood Sewers
The Giant – Slayer 5500 XP + Rare Melee Cremator Mod Venice Beach
Beach Offensive 5500 XP Venice Beach
The Final Gauntlet 4000 XP + $500 Ocean Avenue
Plumbing the Depths 4000 XP Ocean Avenue
Blood Drive 5000 XP + $500 Santa Monica
Boardwalking Dead 6500 XP + $2500 Boradwalking Dead
The Search for Truth 7000 XP Ocean Avenue
Rage Quit 7500 XP Bel-Air
The End of the Line 7500 XP + Short-Barreled Shotgun The Metro
Hollywood Ending 8000 XP + Emma’s Wrath Legendary Weapon Hollywood Boulevard

Side Quests

Name Reward Weight
#Clickbait 1500 XP + Wrecking Ball Survivor Card Bel-Air
The Death of the Party 1000 XP + Golf Club + Curtis’ House Keys Bel-Air
Resurrect the Rex 2000 XP + Pole Saw Beverly Hills
The Rav-ages of Caustic-X 2500 XP + Rare Melee Liquidator Mod + Caustic-X Bomb Curveball + Silly Goose Audio Journal Halperin Hotel
Cold Pork 3000 XP + $500 Venice Beach
It Came From Monarch Studios 3000 XP + Street Brawler Skill + Zombie Axe Monarch Studios
Cremains of the Day 3000 XP + $500 Venice Beach
Lending a Hand 3000 XP + Composite Sledgehammer Ocean Avenue
Message in a Bottle 3000 XP Santa Monica
Boz Makes a Bang 3000 XP + Short Fuse Survivor Card + Military Grenade Curveball Monarch Studios
Creature Comforts 3000 XP + Peggy Rifle (Superior) Bel-Air
It’s Not Your Fault 3500 XP + Big Shot Legendary Pistol Brentwood Sewers
Scooped! 4000 XP Ocean Avenue
The Ballad of Rikky Rex 2000 XP + O-Kami and Whiskey Sword Beverly Hills
Body Art: The Visionary 1000 XP Beverly Hills
Body Art: Heft 1500 XP Beverly Hills
The Terror of Sound Stage 7 3000 XP + Jade Dragon Sword Monarch Studios
Dez and the Mother of Satan 4500 XP + Superior Melee Electrocuter Mod + Mystery Goodie Box Code Santa Monica
Diaries of the Dead Superior Burst-Fire Carbine Venice Beach
Like and Follow 4000 XP + Nailgun Santa Monica
Going Viral 5500 XP + Zom-B-Gon Nightstick Hollywood Boulevard
Body Art: Moist 2000 XP Beverly Hills
Body Art: Vigor 3000 XP Beverly Hills
Body Art: Dread 4000 XP Beverly Hills
Body Art: The Unveiling 1500 XP + Brutalizer Legendary Weapon Beverly Hills
Body Art: Uproar 2500 XP Beverly Hills
Beacon of Hope 6000 XP + The One Legendary Sword Hollywood Boulevard
The Hero’s Journey 3000 XP + Machete Santa Monica
Red Tide 3000 XP Santa Monica
Organ Donor 4000 XP Venice Beach
Coast Guardian 3000 XP + $300 + Served Cold Skill Venice Beach
More Than The Badge 3000 XP + Superior Pistol Ocean Avenue
The Art of War 5000 XP + Wildstyle Military Axe Ocean Avenue

Lost&Found Quests

Name Reward Weight
The Clean and Snatch Obi’s Phone Journal + Rare Sword Beverly Hills
Missing: Laura 1500 XP Ocean Avenue
Missing: Davis 1500 XP + Superior Improvised Hammer Ocean Avenue
Missing: Greg 2000 XP + Metal Bat Ocean Avenue
Fool’s Gold 2000 XP + Superior Melee Liquidator Mod + Blood Rage Legendary Weapon Santa Monica
Missing: Jamal 1500 XP + Random Weapon from Jamal’s Stash Ocean Avenue
My Mailman Was A Zombie! 2000 XP + $100 + Precision Raven Rifle Bel-Air
Jo’s Rainy Day Stash 2000 XP + Primed Crowbar + Electric Bomb Curveball Venice Beach
[REDACTED] 2000 XP + Bloodthirsty Bodycount Legendary Weapon Santa Monica
Missing: Pablo 2000 XP + Fire Axe Ocean Avenue
Missing: Shane 2000 XP Ocean Avenue
Missing: Nadia 2500 XP + Superior Ranged Impactor Mod Ocean Avenue
Missing: Steve 2500 XP + Krakatoa Ocean Avenue
Missing: Rainier 2500 XP + Superior Melee Punctuator Mod Ocean Avenue
Drunk and Disorderly Rewards 2000 XP + Party Start Legendary Weapon Ocean Avenue


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