Melee Weapons

Weapon Profit Type Tier Description Image Mods
Axe Maiming Sharp Common
Baseball Bat Bulldozer Blunt Common A type of Bulldozer weapon. Puncturator Mod + Impactor Mod + Cremator Mod + Liquidator Mod
Black Magic Bulldozer Blunt Common Black magic works best when you’ve got a bat (eye of newt sold separately). Who do YOU voodoo? Puncturator Mod + Impactor Mod + Cremator Mod + Liquidator Mod
Blood Rage Headhunter Blunt Legendary
Bo Staff Frenzy Blunt Common
Bowie Knife Frenzy Sharp Common
Brass Knuckles Frenzy Blunt Common
Brutalizer Maiming Sharp Legendary
Burnt Timber Bulldozer Blunt Common
Chef’s Knife Frenzy Sharp Common
Claw Hammer Headhunter Blunt Common
Cleaver Maiming Sharp Common
Club Bulldozer Blunt Common
Crescent Blades Frenzy Sharp Common
Crowbar Maiming Blunt Common
Dagger Headhunter Sharp Common
Emma’s Wrath Bulldozer Blunt Legendary
Gastric Bypass Bulldozer Blunt Common “Burger ’66 sure gets the juices flowing. And with this themed hammer in your hands, you’ll be eating the zombies for breakfast!” Uncommon Liquidator Mod + Empowering
Golf Club Headhunter Blunt Common
Heavy Wrench Maiming Blunt Common
Hunting Knife Frenzy Sharp Common
Jade Dragon Maiming Sharp Superior
Katana Maiming Sharp Common
Katars Headhunter Sharp Common
Krakatoa Maiming Sharp Legendary
Mace Maiming Blunt Common
Machete Maiming Sharp Common
Makeshift Maiming Sharp Common
Mattock Maiming Sharp Common
Meat Hammer Maiming Blunt Common
Metal Bat Bulldozer Blunt Common Smash those meatballs outta here with this metal bat.” Puncturator Mod + Impactor Mod + Cremator Mod + Liquidator Mod
Military Knife Headhunter Sharp Common
Night Stick Frenzy Blunt Common
Officer’s Sword Frenzy Sharp Common
O-Kami and Whisker Maiming Sharp Common
Party Starter Frenzy Blunt Legendary
Pickaxe Maiming Sharp Common
Pike Headhunter Sharp Common
Pipe Wrench Headhunter Blunt Common
Pitchfork Headhunter Sharp Common
Pole Saw Headhunter Sharp Common
Police Batton Frenzy Blunt Common
Pool Cue Frenzy Blunt Common
Rake Maiming Sharp Common
Scaffold Pole Frenzy Blunt Common
Shark Tooth Frenzy Sharp Superior
Shovel Maiming Blunt Common
Sign Pole Bulldozer Blunt Common
Slaughtering Claws Frenzy Sharp Common
Sledge Hammer Bulldozer Blunt Common
Special Forces Knife Headhunter Sharp Superior
Splitting Axe Maiming Sharp Common
Steel Pipe Headhunter Blunt Common
Steel Rebar Headhunter Blunt Common
The One Maiming Sharp Legendary
The Tenderizer Maiming Blunt Common
Tire Iron Headhunter Blunt Common
Weighty Deer Horn Knife Frenzy Sharp Common
Weighty Meat Hammer Maiming Blunt Common
Whispering Blade Maiming Sharp Common
Wildstyle Maiming Sharp Superior
Wreckage Hammer Bulldozer Blunt Common
Wreckage Machete Maiming Sharp Common
Zom-B-Gone Frenzy Blunt Superior
Zombie Axe Maiming Sharp Common

Ranged Weapons

Weapon Profit Type Tier Description Image Mods
Assault Shotgun Tactical Projectile Common
Big Shot Demolition Projectile Legendary
Bodycount Rapid-Fire Projectile Legendary
Extinction Event Demolition Projectile Superior
Honed Nailgun Rapid-Fire Projectile Common
Machine Pistol Rapid-Fire Projectile Common
Peggy Sharpshooter Projectile Superior
Pistol Tactical Projectile Common
Raven Sharpshooter Projectile Common
Red Dragon Demolition Projectile Superior
Short-Barreled Shotgun Demolition Projectile Common
Sporting Rifle Sharpshooter Projectile Common
Tactical Pistol Tactical Projectile Common


Weapon Location Description Image
Bait Bomb In Ocean Avenue. Purchase the Sticky Bomb, Complete the “Search for Truth” quest, and buy it from Serling Hotel Trader Dougie for $3,500. Attracts zombies and explodes after a short delay (Meat Bait + Pipe Bomb).
Caustic-X Bomb Halperin Hotel, “The Ravages of Caustic-X” side quest reward. Delayed explosion and deals Caustic damage.
Chem Bomb Halperin Hotel, “Room Service for Major Booker” quest. On the second floor before the firewall. Extinguishes fires and stuns zombies
Electric Bomb Venice Beach, complete the “Jo’s Secret Stash” quest. It deals wide-range Shock attacks and can stun enemies.
Electric Star Beverly Hills, “Justifiable Zombicide” quest. Stuck on a danger sign on a metal fence next to Phil’s Note. Throwing stars that cause Physical and Shock damage.
Flashbang Venice Beach, buy it from Warrant Officer Rodriguez for $2,500 after completing her “Cremains of the Day” side quest. Stuns zombies.
Meat Bait Bel-Air, “Call the Cavalry” quest. Carlos will give you one for free. Attracts common zombies
Military Grenade “Boz Makes a Bang” side quest in Monarch Studios Explodes on impact.
Molotov Cocktail Brentwood Sewer, “The Heart of Darkness” quest. On a table just before the Slobbers pit. Creates a Fire puddle at the target area.
Nail Bomb – Ocean Avenue, “The Search for Truth” quest. In Apartment 2C in the Thalia Residences. – Can be bought from Lifeguard HQ Trader Ezekiel for $1,500. When it explodes will apply a Bleed effect on targets.
Pipe Bomb Beverly Hills, “Kwon with the Wind” quest. On the way to Monarch Studios, in a yellow case before the checkpoint. It will explode after a short delay.
Shuriken Bel-Air, “Call the Cavalry” quest. Stuck in the car near the Halperin Hotel sign. Three throwing stars that cause Physical damage.
Sticky Bomb In Ocean Avenue. Buy the Dead Island 2 Curveball from Serling Hotel Trader Dougie for $1,500. Sticks to a target when thrown and explodes in proximity. It will automatically explode when left alone for some time.


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