Rite of Passage Quest

The Invitation, Completing the Rites of Passage Quest – Dead Island 2

Rites of Passage Quest

Presenting our comprehensive guide for the Dead Island 2 DLC, “Haus,” get set to immerse yourself in the world of Dead Island 2, where horror, action, and adventure become one crazy experience. Below we provide a couple of tips and tricks to help you through the new DLC.

Inside this eerie new setting, you’ll uncover sinister storylines, brave ominous landscapes, and confront hordes of relentless undead. From character customization to surviving heart-pounding encounters, our guide ensures you’re well-prepared to face the terrors lurking in the “Haus” expansion. Don’t miss the chance to become a master in the world of Dead Island 2. Join us on this chilling adventure as we unravel the horrors of the “Haus” DLC together!

Starting the DLC Mission:

Commence the DLC mission by leaving the safety of the safe house. Look for the invitation and trigger a cutscene that transports you to a new map.

Rites of Passage Quest

Enter the enigmatic “Haus,” where you’ll be warmly welcomed by Yong-Ho. Navigate through until you reach a workbench. On the right side, you’ll find the door that initiates the DLC’s introduction.

Rites of Passage Quest Intro

Progressing the Rites of Passage Quest:

Begin by retrieving a disembodied head and reuniting it with its body, leading to an encounter with Vincent. He’ll brief you on the situation, explaining that you need to collect two more heads—belonging to Veronique and Yong-Ho—to open a crucial door.

Rites of Passage Quest Start

After talking to Vincent activate a switch and exit the “Haus.”

Rites of Passage Quest First Rite

Outside, enter the house with a distinctive red door on your right and clear it of any threats. Your objective is to locate the valve wheel upstairs and activate the gas valve.

Rites of Passage Quest Wheel

As part of the first Rites of Passage Quest, be prepared to make a sacrifice and offer a weapon. This action will signify the successful completion of this part of the quest.

Rite of Passage Quest First Rite

Continuing the Rites of Passage Quest:

After successfully completing the first Rites of Passage Quest and exiting the initial house, take a right turn. Your next destination is the second house on the left, easily recognizable by its orange door.

Rite of Passage Quest 2nd House

Inside this house, you’ll face a new challenge: reactivating the electricity. To do this, you’ll need to connect a wire using water. This puzzle will test your problem-solving skills.

In this trial, you’ll need to submerge yourself in a pool of blood while enduring painful electric shocks. Only once you’ve endured this torment and unlocked the door can you proceed to the final trial of the Rites of Passage Quest.

Rite of Passage Quest Second Rite

You are ready to tackle the Final Trial.

The Final Trial

Once you’ve successfully unlocked the door following the “Endure Agony” trial, your path forward becomes relatively straightforward. Clear the house of any threats as you progress.

Rite of Passage Quest Third Rites

Continue until you locate a room filled with numerous televisions and a microphone. Here, you’ll become part of a confession, and you’ll also be required to make your own confession. Activate the microphone and be prepared to face a mini-boss. Defeat this runner to complete the Rites of Passage Quest.

Rite of Passage Quest Mini Boss

Exit the house and make your way to the last house on the street.

Rite of Passage Quest Final

Reaching the Deeper

Upon entering the final house, your objective is to destroy the flesh gate and solve the fuel pipe valve puzzle. This will allow you to access the backroom.

Once you’ve reached the backroom, you’ll find the entrance to the “Deeper,” signifying the conclusion of the Rites of Passage Quest.

Rite of Passage Quest Ending

With these final steps, you’ll have successfully navigated the first quest of the “Haus” DLC and completed the Rite of Passage Quest in Dead Island 2. Congratulations on your first journey through this gripping expansion!

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