How to Fast Travel in Dead Island 2

How to Fast Travel in Dead Island 2

Traversing the city on foot can become tiresome, especially when you constantly need to travel back and forth to collect items. Fortunately, Dead Island 2 includes a fast travel system that becomes available later in the game. In this guide we will tackle how to fast Travel in Dead Island 2.

How to fast Travel in Dead Island 2

Unlocking Fast Travel in Dead Island 2

To unlock the fast travel feature, you must complete a specific quest in the main storyline called “The Red Mist.” Once you finish the conversation with Emma during this quest, you will receive a notification stating that fast travel is now accessible in Dead Island 2.

How to fast Travel in Dead Island 2

Using Fast Travel in Dead Island 2

Once you have unlocked fast travel, it functions differently from typical games where you simply open the map and choose your destination. Instead, you will need to locate specific fast travel maps marked with a signpost icon within the game world. Upon entering one of these locations, you can open the map and select your desired destination, choosing between the day or night setting.

How to fast Travel in Dead Island 2

There you have it. You can now Fast Travel to any available location on the map.  For more information on Dead Island 2 Keys and Items, check out our guides and our fully interactive map!


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