Box Office Safe Key Location Dead Island 2

Box Office Safe Key

The gameplay of Dead Island 2 is quite similar to that of its forerunner, and there are still a great number of keys just like the Box Office Safe Key hidden around Hell-A for those who are curious enough to find them. With the new entry in the Dead Island series, the series has continued to its formula in fighting and exploration by throwing players into places packed with swarming and dangerous zombies while also teasing them secrets.

This guide will take you through the procedures required to find the Box Office Safe Key Location and open the Theater Box Office Safe. This case is one of numerous locked containers whose contents need the appropriate key to access.

Box Office Safe Key Location

In order to find the Box Office Safe Key, The player need to finish the main storyline quest then return to Hollywood Boulevard as the named zombie – Nick The User can only be fought after finishing the game.

Head to the Hollywood Boulevard and traverse the red carpet, Along with it go to one of the tents shown in the map to eliminate The Usher and obtain the key.

Box Office Safe Key

This named zombie can be lured out of the tent by using noise or shooting him from afar in order to make the fight easier. You can simply use any rifle or gun to make the fight easier, but if you can also use a melee weapon since his movement and attacks are easy to dodge. Try to hit him on the head with an elemental attack to apply a disable then you can smash or slash him till he die.

Box Office Safe Key

Once you killed Nick The Usher, He will drop the Box Office Safe Key. You can then now proceed to the Theater Box Office Safe Location.

Box Office Safe Key

Theater Box Office Safe Location

This Theater Box Office Safe can only be unlocked after finishing the main quest line. You can return to this location after the ending. If you already have the key, You can proceed to the location shown on the map and unlock the safe. It is hidden behind boxes and chairs. The Safe drops a weapon mod (Superior Ranged Puncturator Mod) which adds extra damage to your firearms.

Box Office Safe

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