Eschaton Safe Key

Eschaton Safe Key Location Dead Island 2

Eschaton Safe Key

Each of the optional tasks, puzzles, and challenges in Dead Island 2 has a unique solution that, once solved, grants access to superior weapons and upgrades. These clues will guide you towards uncovering Eschaton Staff Safe and Eschaton Safe Key location:

The additional side content in Dead Island 2 remains locked until you have successfully completed the main story. Similarly, most of the safes scattered throughout the game world cannot be opened unless you have fulfilled specific quest. Follow this guide to find the Eschaton Safe Key Location and unlock the following safe that you will encounter.

Eschaton Safe Key Location

To find the Eschaton Safe Key. You need to traverse the metro station part of the Hollywood Boulevard. There you will find a named Screamer – Eschaton Doctor carrying the Eschaton Safe Key. But first in order to make the named screamer appear, You have to finish the main story questline – Hollywood Ending. Return to the laboratory area of the map and fight your way through hordes of zombie along the path.

Eschaton Safe Key

Eschaton Doctor is a named Voltaic Screamer. An Apex Zombie that uses Scream to disorient your character. In this fight, You can use a range weapon to easily dispose this enemy. Be aware to not use shock type weapon as the voltaic screamer is immune to it. Disrupt its scream by throwing something or using a firearm, Once its stunned you can use this window to apply stacks of status effect to drain their stability. If you want to fight this mini boss with a melee weapon with a blunt damage, You can use a bulldozer type weapon in this fight to counter its type. Actively dodge their scream and smash them during this window.

Eschaton Safe Key

Once you killed the Eschaton Doctor. You can pick up the Eschaton Safe Key from its corpse. You can now proceed to the Eschaton Staff Safe Location.

Eschaton Safe Key

Eschaton Staff Safe Location

In order to locate the Eschaton Staff Safe. You can safely follow the map below, Check out our fully interactive map.

Eschaton Safe Key

Proceed to the laboratory where the player fought Reubenator Zombie. Follow upstairs until you pass a corridor with red lights then continue straight to the containment lab to locate the Eschaton Staff Safe. It drops a weapon mod called – Superior Ranged Electrocutor Mod. It adds shock damage to your range weapon or firearm which can be used to electrocute and stun an enemy.

eschaton staff safe
eschaton staff safe
eschaton staff safe

There you have it, Obtaining this mod might not be easy but it is a worthwhile effort since there are many zombie that can be damaged and stunned by a shock weapon. You can now install this mod to any range weapon using any workbench as long as you have the right materials and enough cash for it.

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