Biohazard Container Key

Find Biohazard Container Key Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2

During the course of your survival in Dead Island 2, you will come upon the Beverly Hills. However, rather from being a place of the rich and famous, your character will have to contend with the hordes of the undead that are waiting on the mansions and hills. You will discover a zombie that holds Biohazard Container Key for a special treasure. Fortunately, this tutorial will assist you in unlocking and claiming the goodies that are contained within this Container.

How to find Biohazard Container Key

 Biohazard Container Key

To Obtain the Biohazard Container Key, You need to level up until 21 and be ready for a good fight with a named zombie – SSG Hernandez. This named zombie is immune to caustic damage so you should use any weapon that doesn’t have this element. Once you killed Hernandez, It will drop the Biohazard Container Key.

How to find Secure Bio Container Location

Secure Bio Container

Head back to the Central House and open the Secure Bio Container to earn a special mod – Acid Rain Perk. Use this to pop a zombie and cause a caustic gas. That’s it for this walkthrough, If you want to find Kelly Jo’s Suitcase Key follow this guide.

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