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Find Nikki’s Bounty Location Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2

How to Find Nikki’s Bounty Location

Each of the optional tasks, puzzles, and challenges in Dead Island 2 has a unique solution that, once solved, grants access to superior weapons and upgrades. These clues will guide you towards uncovering Nikki’s Bounty location:

The additional side content in Dead Island 2 remains locked until you have successfully completed the main story. Similarly, most of the safes scattered throughout the game world cannot be opened unless you have fulfilled specific quest

Finding Nikki’s Bounty Location

Nikki's Bounty

To reach Nikki’s Bounty you must progress through the main story and complete Task 20 “Board Walking Dead.” As part of this quest, you will need to defeat the fourth Clown Boss. Once you have accomplished this mission, search for the zombie carrying the key to Nikki’s Prize. It is essential to advance in the story until this point in order for the zombie guarding the safe to reveal itself.

Once you’ve completed the Justifiable Zombie assignment with Sam B. in Dead Island 2, you’ll get your first look at Nikki’s Bounty Reward. Together with Sam B., you’ll investigate the morality of murdering zombies in this task. You’ll be joining Sam B and Ronnie as they investigate Nikki’s place for weapons and ammo as part of the operation. Nikki became a Screamer Zombie when she was infected with the virus while trapped in Hell-A and unable to flee the city. She got infected with the virus among the other victims.

Once Nikki is dead, you can explore her house and get a weapon from Sam B in the basement. They will find Nikki’s Bounty Reward in the locked closet of her bedroom on the second floor. The key is hidden and cannot be obtained until the end-game task Boardwalking Dead is completed.

Where to find Nikki’s Prize key

Nikki's Prize Key

you may unlock Nikki’s Prize Key if they have defeated the Clown Zombie in Boardwalking Dead. Nikki’s Prize Key sits on a Zombie beside the safe, same like the rest of the keys in Dead Island 2. To get the trailhead, you need to head north of Nikki’s house. The right Zombie is probably waiting at a flight of wooden steps. The Prize Key to Nikki’s prize is on a Butcher Zombie with the name of Target Practice.

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