Dead Island 2 Fancy Leather Trunk Key Location

Dead Island 2 Fancy Leather Trunk Key Location

Dead Island 2 Fancy Leather Trunk Key Location

During the course of your survival in Dead Island 2, you will come upon the Halperin Hotel. However, rather than being a place to unwind and forget the stresses of everyday life. Your character will have to contend with the hordes of the undead that are waiting on the doorstep and on every floor.

You will discover a locked Fancy Leather Trunk on the third floor of the location. Fortunately, this tutorial will assist you in unlocking and claiming the goodies that are contained within this chest.

How to Find the Fancy Leather Trunk Key

After dispatching the Mutated Guest special zombie that can be found at the Halperin Hotel, players of Dead Island 2 are eligible to receive the Fancy Leather Trunk Key as a reward.

The Mutated Guest will not be present at the site when players visit it during one of the early missions in the game, although you can see the area. Players won’t be able to fight the unique zombie until they have finished the game’s 21st main story task, which is titled “The Search for Truth.”

If you have already completed the mission, proceed to the hotel, then to the busted elevator. Peek at the elevator door. There you can find the Mutated Guest. Kill it and it will drop the Fancy Leather Trunk Key.

Fancy Leather Trunk Key

Fancy Leather Trunk Location

fancy leather trunk

On the third level of the Halperin Hotel, you’ll find the Fancy Leather Trunk. Proceed normally along the corridor where you killed the Mutated Guest, and you will reach an elevator lobby at the end of it. There you can find the Fancy Leather Trunk Key on the floor beside the sofa.

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