How to unlock Construction Team Safe in Dead Island 2

How to Unlock Construction Team Safe Dead Island 2

How to unlock Construction Team Safe Dead Island 2

There are many locked safes, boxes, doors, and structures in Dead Island 2 that are just waiting to be opened and investigated. These locked items in the Hell-A region hide valuable secrets; a mission to recover their matching keys is required. Some keys are dropped by specific zombies, while others can be discovered on various shelves, tables, and furniture throughout the game world. Follow these steps to gain access to the Construction Team Safe:

In Dead Island 2, the Foreman will give you the keys to the Construction Team Safe. If you’re sick of looking all over Beverly Hills for the key, Here’s a walkthrough for Dead Island 2’s Construction Team Safe loot.

Construction Team Safe Dead Island 2

How to Find the Construction Team Safe

The safe for the Construction Team may be found in the half of the Beverly Hills level that is still under construction. The elevator will bring you here. You probably came across this safe on your way to meeting the woman who knew where Michael Anders was hiding. Locate the designated safe in a closet off the main corridor on the second floor of the unfinished house (right side, as you face the stairs).

Construction Team Safe Dead Island 2

How to find the Foreman’s key

To meet the Site Foreman and obtain the keys, you must complete the twenty-first main plot task, “The Search for Truth.” The Venice Beach area is the setting for this expedition. Only by finishing this task will you gain access to the Site Foreman, a mutant zombie unlike any other. If you manage to take down the Site Foreman, he’ll drop the Foreman’s Key and other appropriate gear.

You’ll need to utilize the front door to access the mansion and then head upstairs to reach the safe. Where do you find Foreman’s key Location There is a mansion in the southern portion of the Beverly Hills map, and the key is near the door to the building in the southern part of the building, which is near the road. The zombie guarding the door key must be killed.

The Site Foreman

After finishing “The Search for Truth,” you should go back to the still-under-construction building site in Beverly Hills’s southern part. The Site Foreman has set up camp in the backyard, behind a makeshift fence. The Site Foreman is an extremely tough foe with a stellar reputation for survival. Prepare for this encounter by arming yourself with formidable weapons. Be wary of its melee assaults and its ranged missile attacks from its torso. Some strategies for defeating this beast are as follows. The Site Foreman is a big, deformed zombie who can be difficult to kill if you aren’t of a high enough rank.

Guns and other long-range weapons can be used safely from a distance to dispatch the Site Foreman without risk of injury from its ribs. When the Site Foreman is killed, the keys to the safe housing the Construction Team’s valuables are dropped. You’ll find the Superior Melee Impactor Mod inside the safe; it increases the kinetic force of your assaults, making them more likely to cause pain to your foes.

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