Dune Shigawire Reels Part 8

In Dune Shigawire Reels Part 8 we take a look at the various methods of combined arms featuring within Dune Awakening, all of these will be extremely crucial forms of fighting for both PvE and PvP alike.

Dune Shigawire Reels Part 8

Dune Shigawire Reels Part 8

Air Combat

“Always listen for the telltale sound of an ornithopter’s wings. As they can appear at any moment to devastate the battlefield”
Dune Shigawire Reels Part 8

Ground Vehicle Combat

“Armored groundcars and other ground vehicles can provide impressive firepower and protection, but be wary of wormsign. A large sandowrm can devour vehicles and passengers whole.”
Dune Shigawire Reels Part 8


“Not to be underestimated in combat, those fighting on foot have access to gadgets and an array of deadly weaponry.
A select few have even been taught to stretch the limits of human potential by the Great Schools of the Imperium”
Dune Shigawire Reels Part 8

After reading and watching through this latest Shigawire Reel we got a great in depth look at the three core elements of the combined arms initiative, Funcom claims we can expect to see seamless interplay between these so called branches or arms. We also get a brief mention of the ornithopter and the skill system for infantry based combat through the Great Schools of the Imperium.

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