Dune Awakening: Shigawire Reels- part 1

With a recent post on the official Dune Awakening discord we got an introductory look at the first episode of the new Shigawire Reels series, Shigawire Reels-Part one.
A series aimed at getting survivors the knowledge they need to keep themselves safe in the infinite deserts of Arrakis. 

The series seems to largely focus on giving the player some knowledge about the world of dune ahead of starting the game when it releases, Starting with letting the player know about one of dunes hazardous weather effects: Sandstorms.

A sandstorm

“The sandstorms of Arrakis are huge and deadly, 
capable of tearing flesh from bone.
 if caught in one, a stilltent may be your only hope”

The small player model at the bottom of the screen can be seen wearing an out-freyn stillsuit, we get a brief description of it later in the video. Out-freyn stillsuit: 

An out-freyn stillsuit

“Outdated design and low-cost mass production means 
that no native of Arrakis would be caught 
in the open wearing this offworld stillsuit”

If you would like to know more about Dune Awakening make sure to check out our FAQ and release date pages. 


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