Dune Awakening Shigawire Reels Part 2

Dune Awakening Shigawire Reel – Part 2 highlights desert construction and two of the vehicles you will pilot in Dune: Awakening. Always be on the lookout for wormsign. A mere shelter or vehicle won’t save you.

With this latest addition to the Dune Awakening Shigawire video series we get a look at two vehicles and an explanation of desert constructions:

Desert construction

“Structures on Arrakis must be built on solid rock or will eventually be destroyed by sandworms.
Each piece is fitted individually, allowing for infinite variety.”

This Dune Shigawire reel gave us a quick look at the one-man groundcar which might be one of our primary modes of transport within Arrakis.

one-man groundcar from the Dune Awakening Shigawire video

“These nimble vehicles are favored by scouts and scavengers for short distance travel.
They can carry light loads and can be customized further with modules.”

We also got our first look at a multi person groundcar, these will be the go to for group traveling with up to 3 of your friends. Unarmed in its normal state although capable of carrying light weaponry if outfitted with the right modules.

4 man groundcar

“Versatile all-terrain vehicles with space for up to four passengers, groundcars can be outfitted with several specialized modules, and can even server as a light combat vehicles.”

Most notable from this dune awakening shigawire reel is the mention of “Modules” for vehicles and how they may impact how the vehicle operates and what weapons its capable of carrying.

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