PVP in Dune Awakening

PVP in Dune Awakening promises to offer epic 3rd person combined arms combat blended together with survival and MMO elements. Today we take a look at how we see that playing out in game. PVP The Battle for dominance.

PVP in Dune Awakening

Combined Arms

PVP in Dune Awakening promises to be balanced around a combined arms gameplay loop. Involving several types of infantry, mobilized infantry and flying vehicles.

We got to see a quick 5 second clip of this working in action during a spice extraction in the pre alpha trailer. With several emplaced armored vehicles attempting but failing to fight off an invading force of several air based assailants.

They are causing several players (infantry) to scatter while a worm comes to get a piece of the action.

PVP in Dune Awakening

3rd Person

While we have no actual gameplay footage yet. The development team for Dune Awakening has confirmed we will be seeing the world of Dune through the 3rd person perspective. The entire game is designed around that principle.


Dune offers a plethora of different lethal weapons to use on your foes including ranged weapons. Ranging from small hand held fire arms all the way up to emplaced cannons and .50 cal equivalents.

PVP in Dune Awakening


While originally we thought melee would be a large part of PVP in Dune Awakening. The development team clarified on their discord there was certain liberties taken with the Dune timeline. Making melee not the go to for systematically removing your foes from the battlefield. Although it’s far from ruled out the game will not focus on it as originally thought by many.


With the reveal of the game there was mention of an extensive ability system. Its available to the player in order to set themselves apart in categories like melee techniques. Taught by the great schools of the imperium or understanding Holtzman’s gadgets.

The more you train your skill set the better you will become. Although there is always the option of being a jack of all trades but a master of none. 


With spice being such a major part of the Dune lore. It’s clear it’ll have to play a large part in the game as well and that it does. We’ve gotten quick looks at spice harvesting and hints at being able to consume it to unlock our destined potential as a player all at the risk of addiction.

That’s if you can get your hands on this highly valuable and sought after resource. Which will undoubtedly be controlled by the biggest and baddest guilds of the lands. Making it an expensive resource to come by for the smaller groups or solo players.

PVP in Dune Awakening


Creating guilds for PVP in Dune Awakening will be paramount to players survival against the threats of Arrakis and other players. Align yourself with one of the great houses in order to become a house minor.

We assume some bonuses are associated with this. Although it may be nothing more then “Choosing a side” Ally others and create player made empires to harvest and defend the spice.


Craft your way through several tiers of the games tech tree in order to get bigger, better and more powerful equipment. Like weapons, armor, vehicles, attachments, modifications and structures. Crafting will be important for PVP in Dune Awakening.

Setup production to produce enough to sell your high tier supplies on the exchange and become a household name in the world of Arrakis

PVP in Dune Awakening

The Shield Wall

Seek shelter behind the shield wall or trade within it through the exchange. Speak with your factions representatives and the games characters famous from the movies.

The shield wall acts as a hub from which to start your adventures. It is also free from conflict making it a “safe zone” all are welcome and law and order is upheld within it. 

All in all the future for Dune Awakening’s pvp is looking quite bright. We will be sure to keep a close eye on it and update this page accordingly. We have more information in our FAQ.


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