Dune Awakening Shigawire Reels Part 3

Dune Awakening Shigawire Reels part 3 gives us a quick inside into the day and night cycles of Dune Awakening and a short background on a Heighliner belonging to the renowned Spacing guild, the spacing guild looms over the sky of Arrakis monitoring it. They depend on Spice from Arrakis to safely foresee paths to space travel through.

Shigawire Reels Part 3

Shigawire Reels part 3

The Heighliner

“The immense Spacing Guild Heighliner transport are a constant reminder of offworld scrutiny.
Without consuming spice from Arrakis. Guild Navigators cannot foresee safe paths through space.”
Dune Heighliner

Day and Night

“When the sun sets, the scorching surface temperature plunges.
Fremen water discipline teaches us to travel by night,
and at dawn to harvest dew from shrubs that survive in the shade.”
Day and Night

Most notable from this video is the mention of how the Spice has a massive impact on space travel and the worlds value to the universe as a whole. Spice is obviously a massive part of Dune Awakening’s world and its economy.

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