Does Dune Awakening Have Crafting and Gathering?

In this article we will be discussing Dune Awakening Crafting! As you explore the deadliest planet in the universe in Funcom’s upcoming MMO Dune Awakening, you will quickly want to make a name for yourself, craft powerful items, then rise to power and control the spice.

While little is currently known about the crafting systems in Dune Awakening, the world of Arrakis is sure to not disappoint with its crafting systems.

Dune Awakening Crafting

Dune Awakening Crafting

“Craft Your Way to the Top

Craft weapons, armor, vehicles, attachments, modifications, and much more. Hone your crafting skills and acquire the rarest schematics. Creating an efficient harvesting operation and chain of production to make it big on the exchange will grant you wealth and power but also powerful enemies.”
Funcom –

Reading the little information currently provided gives us some insight into the vast crafting systems that Dune Awakening will have. While being able to craft armor and weapons in a Dune MMO is exciting in itself, the possibility that you will be able to craft vehicles is truly exciting. Whether you want to ride in style across the dunes or take to the skies with flying vehicles, Dune Awakening Crafting will have something for everyone.

We also shouldn’t underestimate how interesting it will be to craft attachments and modifications, being able to customize and augment your character via crafting is sure to keep Dune Awakening’s crafters busy. Dune Awakening Crafting will also have a huge impact on the PVP in the game.

Dune Awakening Crafting


Gatherers are unlikely to be disappointed. Crafting flying vehicles is surely not going to be an esay nor cheap endeavour. Gatherers might gather the raw materials themselves to craft vehicles etc. Perhaps harvest the most valuable resource in the universe (a resource known as spice) and sell the spice on the exchange.

The exchange will be Dune’s equivalent of the auction house / trading post. This implies that there will be a strong player driven economy in Dune Awakening. Smart crafters/gatherers will be able to become very wealthy and powerful.

Dune Crafting

Base Building

We can’t talk about crafting without talking about base building. Dune Awakening Crafting is set to feature a detailed base building game mechanic. Allowing you to create your base using building pieces in a variety of different styles. Choosing where you build your shelters will be key to surviving the harsh sun and sandstorms of Dune.

Dune City

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What will you craft to stand out from the rest? Will you become an expert base builder or will you scour the deserts looking for the ever elusive spice? You can sign up for beta access to your Arrakis adventures using the below link. A release date is currently unknown.


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