Dune Shigawire Reels Part 9

Dune Shigawire Reels Part 9 gives us a great look at the sandworms of Arrakis, Where to find them and how to specifically avoid them.

Dune Shigawire Reels Part 9

Dune Shigawire Reels Part 9


“The great sandworms of Dune roam the open desert and are sensitive to any rhythmic vibration, including footsteps.
Seek the safety of rock islands and learn how to use a thumper to distract worms.”
Dune Shigawire Reels Part 9


“The Fremen word for sandworm has many meanings, including Old man of the Desert and Old Father Eternity.
They are the embodiment of their faith and essential to the creation of spice. “
Dune Shigawire Reels Part 9

After reading and watching through this latest Shigawire Reel we have a much better idea of the sandworms that survive and thrive under the sand of Arrakis, the so called Shai’hulud. Avoiding these creatures seems to be the best course of action until we can find a way to harness their power. Make sure to walk on the rocks and keep your thumper close by, You’re going to need it.

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