Blue Protocol Fierce Beast

Welcome Gamers! Need help hunting the Blue Protocol Fierce Beast? Look no further! Here we’ll be covering their locations, how to spawn them, and their possible drops!

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Blue Protocol Fierce Beast

The Blue Protocol Fierce Beast is under the Fox System. They’re included in the list of enemies found in the game that can only appear when their spawn condition is met.

Enemy NameLocationsDrops
Fierce Beast
Fierce Beast
Asteria Plain>
Minster Hills Rush Battle 2nd Stage > Defeat the Landfox of the Minster Hills
Luno Gem MatRuno Gem
“Fierce Beast” idea

Spawn Conditions

The Fierce Beast has a spawn condition, which is to defeat a certain amount of Land Foxes in the area of Minster Hills. The number of the defeated Land Foxes is accumulated in the server, meaning if multiple people defeat the nearby Land Foxes, the Blue Protocol Fierce Beast will spawn quicker.

Appearance Level: 9


The Minster Hills is the only area that can spawn the Blue Protocol Fierce Beast.

Spawn Location

To get to Minster Hills, players need to use the nearest Transfer Portal which is the Minister Horn, and head to the right of Minister Hills with their Mount. These enemies can be easily dealt with by dodging their attacks and striking when they’re open.

That’s it from us folks! All you need to know about the Blue Protocol Fierce Beast, and we wish you the best with your hunting endeavors! With the many creatures found in Blue Protocol check out our Complete Enemy list!

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