Blue Protocol Lizard List

What’s up gamers! In the world of Blue Protocol you will encounter many enemies and here we’ll be discussing all you need to know about the Blue Protocol Lizards! With this list, you’ll be able to easily Locate these giant reptiles, and know what loot they drop!

Scroll down below for the complete Blue Protocol Lizard list!

Blue Protocol Lizard List

The Complete Blue Protocol Lizards List

There are a total of 4 subspecies of Lizard in Blue Protocol. This is where we can find them and their drops.

Enemy NameSpawn LocationsDrops
Lizard Ghost
Lizard Ghost
-Bahamar Plateau > God’s Watched Hill
-Evergreen Desert > Valley of Flames> Orbid Plain
-Soundless City ^ Additional Investigation
-Rush Battle 2nd Stage
Lizard ghost clear eyeballLizard Ghost’s Clear Eyeball
Dynamic engram shardsDynamic Engram Shards
Dynamic Engram crystal
Dynamic Engram Crystal Fragment
Lunogem Muluk
“Kaiser Elk” Idea
E- God- protected land
E-The valiant Kaiser Elk
Lizard Ghost’s Sharp Tall Bille
Runo Gem Chunk
“Land Hawk” idea
E-Bandit Looking for Target E-Bygone Sun Flame
Lizard Ghost’s Vivid Scales
Runo Gem Makkuni
“Sun Viper” Idea
E- Saramzat Oasis of Colors
E-Manifestation Threat, Ethereal Roar
Rock Lizard
Rock Lizard
-Montenor Valley > Rizze Trade Route
-Montenor Valley> Galley Ridge Abandoned Road, Borhomme Ruins ^Additional Survey
-Borhom Ruins
-Free search, Sun-Radiated Forest Road
-Rush Battle 2nd Stage
Rock Lizard Pointed claws
Dynamic engram shardsDynamic Engram Shards
Dynamic Engram crystalDynamic Engram Crystal Fragment
Lunogem Khan
“Shrimp mushroom” idea E-Mook Territory
E-Swarm Flying Kagachi Yamma
Rock Lizard’s Fang
Luno Gem Imu
Earth Spirit Crystal Fragment G1
“Kagachi Yamma” idea
E-Roost of the Bandits
E-Smoking Civilization
Waterfall Rock Lizard’s Great Fin
Runogem Akba
E-Minsterhorn Village Portal
F Lizard Ghost
F Lizard Ghost
-Soundless City ^Additional Investigation
-Rush Battle 2nd Stage
-Evergreen Desert > Orbido PlainRuno Gem Macni
“Basilisks” idea


That concludes the Blue Protocol Lizard list, gamers! So far we covered where to find these giant reptiles and all the drops that you can obtain after defeating them. Those drops can be used to craft many in-game items, for combat, and more! Curious about the other enemies in Blue Protocol? Better check out our complete enemy list!

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