New Blue Protocol Season Pass

Blue Protocol Season Pass has been introduced by Bandai Namco. Blue Protocol is an Anime Action MMORPG developed by Bandai Namco and published by Amazon Games that is set to release on June 14, 2023, in Japan. It is an MMO title that has been added to the Amazon Games library, alongside New World and Lost Ark.

Season Pass

A Season Pass can be a great way to improve your gaming experience if you’re just getting started with Bandai Namco’s Blue Protocol. We will go through the fundamentals of how the Blue Protocol Season Pass functions, its cost, and the range of rewards you can unlock during the game in this article.

Blue Protocol Season Pass

Rewards for Blue Protocol Season Pass

Several rewards await the Blue Protocol Season Pass holders, although it is unclear which pass they are included in. Luno, Gacha tickets, free Rose Orbs, GC, BP Points, Next Season Points, and Ability Plug Removal tickets are all available as rewards in the Season Pass. Other incentives include tickets for Ability Plug Effect preservation, Craft’s fantastic success rate, Weapon skin swap, and Rewards Plus Tickets. These bonuses can help improve your play experience, making the grind in Blue Protocol more enjoyable.

Different Types of Blue Protocol Season Pass

Blue Protocol Season Pass is available in three different forms: Basic, Advanced, and Royal Plans.

The Basic Plan is free and has a rank cap of 60. When you reach the max level, you’ll have access to all the materials required for crafting Lv. 40 Battle Imagine Einrain. These plans’ benefits include different cosmetics, fashionable outfits, and more.

The Advanced and Royal Plans, on the other hand, are paid versions that both max out at rank 100. When you reach the maximum level, you will acquire all the materials required to craft Lv. 50 Battle Imagine Einrain. The Advanced Plan costs 180 Rose Orbs, whereas the Royal Plan costs 550 Rose Orbs but offers an additional 25 ranks, to begin with. Both plans provide extra quests to help you earn points, and the rewards include an exclusive emote.

Bonus: You will obtain the following Season Paid Plan Discount after using up one Blue Protocol Season Pass, which lowers the price of the subsequent season pass by 180 Rose Orbs. You won’t need to purchase another Advanced Pass if you purchase and utilize it once.

Length and Mechanics of Blue Protocol’s Season Pass

The first season of Blue Protocol is set to start on June 14, 2023, and ends on August 13, 2023, at 23:59. Each season lasts roughly 50 to 60 days. Players must finish specific quests during a season to receive Season Points. After that, you can rank up your pass level and get the corresponding rewards by using these points. When you reach a particular point threshold, your pass will automatically rank up. You also have the choice to use your Season Points at the Season Point Store once you’ve attained a certain rank.

If one is prepared to pay thirty orbs for each rank, ranks can also be obtained using Rose Orbs. Your effort will be rewarded as you achieve each tier, which offers specific benefits. You may read our several tutorials on Blue Protocol here at MMO Wiki to find out more.

The Season Store

In addition to that, Season Points can be spent at the Season Store. Outfits, accessories, crafting guaranteed great success tickets, healing scent G1, Luno, and other products are available at the store. Keep in mind that certain items have purchase restrictions.

For those who are willing to pay and for free gamers alike, the Blue Protocol Season Pass is a great bargain because of its many benefits. If you’re looking to get special clothing, crafting materials, or emotes, the Season Pass can be a useful addition to your Blue Protocol quest.

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