Exclusive Blue Protocol Western Version – First Look 2023!

You heard that right! An exclusive look into Blue Protocol’s Western version has just been released after a long wait!!! Stay tuned to know a lot more about the game and its featured elements!

Blue Protocol Western version features and things to look forward to!

Intro to Blue Protocol

With the Blue Protocol intro, the game explained its story and characters in a rather complete and concise way along with keeping the interests of players. The game begins with a short introduction to its realm, characters, as well as its story which has its fair share of mysteries and wonders. The introduction proved to be incredibly well made as it gave each element of the game importance as well as its own light.

blue protocol western version - scenery

Really giving it that feel of Blue Protocol being a whole world in and of itself to experience and get stuck in!

Foolproof tutorial!

Blue Protocol features a foolproof and easy tutorial to get to know and used to. Compared to other MMO games, Blue Protocol gives clear and easy instructions in a fun and interactive way where new players alike won’t get confused and lost.

blue protocol western version - tutorial clip

Character Creation

The Blue Protocol Western version doesn’t hold many differences with the Japanese exclusive release but one thing is certain. Its character creation is unique and diverse with adjustable body sizes, appearances, and as well as hairstyles, and various hair colors for players to choose from!

However, it does lack a beard option which most likely would’ve brought more creative opportunities. Even so, Blue Protocol’s developers surely didn’t miss anything even when it comes to character creation at the beginning to give players that sense of individuality! Players are also able to create different combinations such as different colored eyes and a lot more!

blue protocol western version - character creation panel

Real-world feel

Among other information for the Blue Protocol Western version and its first look, right after the newbie-friendly tutorial, players will be greeted with a realistic and highly interactive town called “Asterliese” giving players that feel of the real world mixed with magic and imagination alike.

blue protocol western version - asterliese

Realistic graphics

Like many MMO games, Blue Protocol sports amazing graphics that bring everything to life despite it leaning more toward anime! With this, players can expect to take in breathtaking sceneries as well as the futuristic but user-friendly UI!

blue protocol western version - graphics
blue protocol western version 0 ui


Of course, Blue Protocol has its dungeons! Players can band together in a party to face different bosses and dungeons alike with teamwork! Blue Protocol’s dungeons also come with various rewards such as currency and weapons or just exp!

blue protocol western version - dungeons


The interesting part of the Blue Protocol Western version! the combat! Combat in Blue Protocol is fairly simple but at the same time, it is something to get the hang of! Even so, players will find it easy to get used to the combat and its mechanics despite things seeming like they’re intimidating or off!

blue protocol western version - combat

Why would the game have some complex mechanics? Each class has a different set of skills and abilities so if one was to change a class, they would have to learn a handful of things such as the energy to use, combos to learn, and more! It also adds to the fun of the game!

Getting used to mechanics

A lot of the classes in Blue Protocol have their own skills and mechanics for players to learn and get used to. Hardcore players can be studied using builds and items to grow stronger and stronger. In the Blue Protocol Western version released, it was mentioned that the game is difficult to get used to at first or some people get lost at the first few times they use the classes but during using classes, it gets easier and easier.

blue protocol western version - plaza

Everything just seems very intimidating at first but as you keep playing and playing and getting used to certain things, it’ll get easier and easier for you to level up more and more!

Boss fights

As for the boss fights in the game, as seen in the Blue Protocol Western version, bosses are easy to handle but as of now, information is limited on the bosses and if they get stronger as levels get higher and higher. For now, it is a big hope that the game comes with bosses that increase in difficulty as well as their drops increase in rarity!

blue protocol western version - boss fight

Even so, fret not! This is highly likely to be the case like in majority of MMO games in the gaming world. Bosses in Blue Protocol would only feel right with level increasing bosses and monsters as time goes on in the dungeons or challenges. With this feature, players can also adjust their skills and weapon upgrades to fit the suitable level to defeat a specific enemy or boss.

Some items have to be worked for, however! This would mean skill leveling and item farming/hunting would have to be an activity to master to increase power!


Is it something worth looking forward to?

As seen in the Blue Protocol western version and its first look, Blue Protocol will be sure to have a jampacked realm for players to get lost in! With all the item building, farming, adventures, and even multiplaying with your friends, Blue Protocol, as one of the most anticipated games of the year and despite some things needing to be fixed or in general, added such as more options in character creation, the bosses being stronger and stronger as levels pass, or new bosses get added as a whole through different updates.

blue protocol western version - game clip

Blue Protocol is something to look forward to. Updates and patch notes will mend all the bugs and missed opportunities but for now, based on every information we have, we have a very promising game in the list!

We hope you enjoyed our latest word on the exclusive look at the Blue Protocol Western version! Stay tuned for more news on Blue Protocol or check out our other picks such as Blue Protocol’s classes and way more! Join our official discord server to be the first to get news on new releases!

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