Japanese Blue Protocol Release Date and How to Register for June 14th

What is Blue Protocol?

The Japanese Blue Protocol is a free to play Anime Action MMORPG that is being Developed by Bandai Namco and will be published by Amazon Games in the West. It was announced and revealed during The Game Awards in 2022. It was planned to be released in the second half of 2023 but was delayed to early 2024. There is no exact date yet when it will exactly arrive on the West but keep following us here on MMO-WIKI to keep updated with Blue Protocol News.

On the other hand, we are getting an early release in the East with Japanese Blue Protocol Servers to be specific. On June 14th, Japanese Blue Protocol Servers will finally go Live! For the westerners though, we will all have to wait for the Closed Beta that will hopefully take place soon!

How To Register on Japanese Blue Protocol Servers

You’re anxious and excited to get your hands on such a cool looking game and you can’t wait for 2024 to come so you can get in. and get immersed into the world of Blue Protocol and play the game already. Well what if we tell you that there is a way to play the Japanese Blue Protocol Version already.

The Japanese Blue Protocol Servers are very accessible thanks to the help of VPN networks. There are many VPN networks available out there for you to choose. Ranging from Free ones to Subscription Based ones, there are many available services for everyone to choose from.

All you have to do is create a VPN account and once you have the App going, change your server / current location to Japan, Tokyo. This is required to do since you have to act / appear like you are coming from this specific location. Without this, you will not be allowed to pre register an account to be able to play on the release. This is one of the only ways to get passed that unless of course, you physically live / are located in Japan.

Now you also must have a Bandai Namco account that is set up within the Japan Region. So sign up now and be sure to choose the right country / region, ASIA and JAPAN to get an account for you to log in so you can pre register. Once you have signed up on their website you should get an email to verify the account. Click the Link or enter the code to be able to proceed to your account. Then Click Login and you should be able to see the Sign Up button right next to login. From there fill in the blanks and finish making your Bandai Namco account for Japanese Blue Protocol.

Register for a Bandai Account: https://blue-protocol.com/

Japanese Blue Protocol Pre Registration

Once you have created a Bandai Namco account, you can now proceed on signing up for your Japanese Blue Protocol account so you can finally play on June 14th on the release. Carefully follow the easy instructions and sign up using your Bandai Namco account and wait for the game to Launch.

First you’ll need to click (Click here for pre-registration). Then it will take you a new page, once in the new page, scroll down and you should be able to find a (Pre – register with your Bandai Namco ID) blue button. After Click on this, there will be some agreements and policies you need to check and then proceed by clicking Pre-Register with your Bandai Namco Id.

Register for Blue Protocol here: https://blue-protocol.com/lp/

You are now done signing up and you will just have to wait from here on out for the Japanese Blue Protocol Servers to launch!


For Many Westerners waiting for Amazon Games to Publish this on 2024, The Japanese Blue Protocol Launch should be an easy access to fill the void while waiting for the Western Release.

While waiting be sure to check our guides and articles about Blue Protocol here on MMO-WIKI.

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