Ultimate Blue Protocol All Classes Guide 2023

Blue Protocol has a number of classes and in this Blue Protocol All Classes Guide we will go over each class and their abilities.

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Blue Protocol All Classes Guide

The Aegis Fighter

Being the tank of Blue Protocol, the Aegis Fighter has an array of heavy attacks such as high durability with their heavy armor and might shield. With the shield comes the ability to protect your friends as well as to protect yourself! Fight for others and defeat the dark!

blue protocol all classes - aegis fighter
Engagement DistanceClose Ranged Class
Class Feature-Incredibly high durability performance according to the Aegis Fighter’s Shield gauge.
-Players can force enemy hate.
-Healing with ULTIMATE + increased overall durability.
Highly recommended for players who:
Want to protect allies / find fun in managing the enemy’s hate.

Among other skills of the Aegis Fighter, this player class has a lot more in store.

Get rid of hate and then guard with your shield

  • The Aegis Fighter is a player class that uses its many skills to remove hate while the shield is used to protect and block damaging attacks.
  • As the Aegis Fighter guards with their shield, most, or if not ALL attacks can be blocked. After a successful block, the Aegis Fighter can counterattack as well as damage the enemy with powerful blows.

Ultimate increases Solo Performance like HP Recovery

  • Aside from guarding, players can also use a massive amount of HP with the use of their ULT skill.
  • Can reduce damage taken.
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Strengths-Since the Aegis Fighter is able to guard, this makes fighting easier.
-Support your allies by lending them buffs.
-The Aegis Fighter’s durability is high as well as the solo capture is stable.
Weaknesses-Slow attack speed and mostly specializes on defense.

The Twin Striker

As part of the Blue Protocol all classes guide, The Twin Striker, as the name suggests, is a class known for its ability to dual wield as well as its power and speed compared to other classes.

blue protocol all classes - twin striker
Engagement DistanceClose Ranged
RoleMelee DPS
Class Feature-By increasing the combo gauge, this player class increases its firepower.
-The twin Striker is able to absorb HP with its skills and abilities.
-Some of the Twin Striker’s attacks contain firepower.
Highly recommended for players who:
Like to release combo attacks or attacks that require a lot of movement or a lot of action into playing.

Increase Firepower by a combo gauge

  • The Twin Strike is a DPS that specializes in close-ranged combat that continuously earns firepower as it earns combo gauge.

Overcoming difficulty

  • Like many classes included in the Blue Protocol classes guide, the twin striker poses a lot of its difficulties. It may seem like the Twin Striker is just another class to hit and kill enemies with but when you take it seriously, you will find yourself earning the necessary points and time.
  • Every class has its difficulties or ups and downs but the Twin Striker isn’t one to be too special. This class also has a mastery side for players to take seriously as well as to study and get the hang of such as its skills, weapons, and what other things they can do to be stronger and beat stronger opponents.
  • However, those who enjoy action would highly likely enjoy the Twin Striker class.
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Strengths-Has the ability to increase firepower by using Combo Gauge.
-Fire attacks are proficient.
-Has a high amount of skills and attacks to take in and absorb HP.
Weaknesses-Gauge has to be worked for through preparation and training

Blast Archer

Another one of the Blue Protocol all classes guide, The Blast Archer, is a class known for its ability to attack at farther distances than other classes that require a bit more physical and close combat.

blue protocol all classes - blast archer
Engagement DistanceMedium to Long Ranged
Class Feature-Attacks weak points by aiming and firing.
-Target enemies with your ultimate attack.
-Replenish HP at a specific range of attack.
Highly recommended for players who:
-Seek to recover their own HP as well as their allies’ HP.
-Prefer action that requires aiming and firing.

The Blast Archer excels in supporting its allies

  • The Blast Archer is a player class that possesses high supporting performance such as HP recovery for both themselves and their allies, pulling enemies with the use of their ULT, as well as canceling ailment effects received from enemies.

The Blast Archer is able to aim for higher firepower by aiming their weapon

  • Unlike the DPS with lower firepower, the Blast Archer is able to aim and attack the enemy’s weak points and then earn increased firepower.
Weakenesses-Involves precise aiming to fire and hit elements
-Moving targets are harder to hit and multiple opponents will be a challenge to battle.
-The increase in firepower is stable.
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As part of MMO tradition, there is a class for magic and spells! Blue Protocol All classes present, The Spellcaster!

Blue protocol all classes - spellcaster
Engagement DistanceMedium to Long Ranged
RoleRanged DPS
Class Feature-Is able to consume EP to increase DPS.
-Suitable for long-ranged attacks.
-Able to use various attribute attacks for attribute bursts at enemies.
Highly recommended for players who:
-Are willing to risk defense for increased firepower.
-Love to play with buddies in parties.

Activate skills through consuming EP

  • The Spellcaster is a mid to long-ranged class DPS that can use EP to activate and use skills against targets.
  • One of the features of the Spellcaster is that it can use skills continuously with no skill interval so long as there is ample EP.

The Spellcaster can attack with the use of three attributes: Ice, Fire, and Lightning

  • While other classes of Blue Protocol can only attack using one elemental attribute, the Spellcaster can use a total of three.
Strengths-Has the ability to use three attributes.
-Skills can continuously be used without intervals so long as EP is abundant or long.
Weaknesses-Recovering EP can pose as a challenge if hate is directed solely at the Spellcaster.
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Heavy Smasher

The last among our Blue Protocol all classes guide, The Heavy Smasher is an incredibly strong DPS Sub Tank that possesses high amounts of power with consuming cartridges. With this, the Heavy Smasher can activate its skills by constantly reloading to unleash concussive blows to the enemy.

blue protocol all classes - heavysmasher
Engagement DistanceClose to Medium Ranged
RoleMelee DPS/Tank
Class Feature-Use skills and Load up cartridges for them.
-Higher firepower depends on the range of the attack.
-Some of the Heavy Smasher’s attacks have earth attributes.
Highly recommended for players who:
-Prefer to inflict a lot of damage within one blow.
-Are able to manage loading and reloading cartridges constantly for skill usage.

Consume cartridges for skill use

  • The Heavy Smasher is a player class that requires reloading cartridges to be able to use skills. By using skills, cartridges are consumed.
  • Despite having to reload constantly, the Heavy Smasher makes up for the constant reloading with high damage.

The Heavy Smasher can attack at a medium range

  • Compared to Blue Protocol all classes, the Heavy Smasher cannot only inflict high damage constantly but also has the ability to get closer or even evade close-range attacks by attacking at medium range. That way, players can often see attacks coming to anticipate reloads for their next attack.
Strengths-Immense short-ranged firepower.
-Medium-ranged attacks are doable.
Weaknesses-Requires a lot of reloading.
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That’s all for our quick Blue Protocol All Classes guide! Fight as one and defeat enemies together! Join Blue Protocol’s realm and get stronger together with your buddies at a party! Join forces and fight evil to restore balance! Jump into one of the most anticipated games of 2023 and experience Blue Protocol All Classes!

What to take from our Blue Protocol All classes guide? Blue Protocol has an interesting bunch of classes to try out upon its release! Aside from classes and all their wonders, Blue Protocol will also come with a lot of treasures, quests, and other adventures to embark on! So it isn’t JUST a wide range of classes to anticipate! There’s a lot more that meets the eye when it comes to Blue Protocol!

Aside from the classes, goodies, and other things to do in the land of Blue Protocol, hard core players can also enjoy their fair share of comprehensive builds to make themselves stronger and stronger as their travel through the game!

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For more in-depth information on each class, check out our comprehensive guides on Blue Protocol’s classes! The Aegis Fighter, The Twin Striker, The Blast Archer, The Spellcaster, and The Heavy Smasher.

We hope you enjoyed our latest on Blue Protocol all classes. If you’d like to see more exciting news, stay tuned to MMO Wiki or join our official discord server to learn about new releases, guides, updates, and so much more!

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