Orchid Mantis Kebab

Orchid Mantis Kebab A delicious delicacy fit for a mantis. Not for human consumption. Effects Unlocked by: Discovering Mantis Research Notes Materials Fire Ant Headx2 Wooden Splinterx1 Broodmother Chunkx5

Broodmother BLT

Broodmother BLT Bait no Broodmother can resist. Not for human consumption. Effects Unlocked by: Discovering Broodmother Research Notes Materials Bombardier Partx2 Ladybug Partx2 Thistle Needlex1

Shinobi Sneeze

Shinobi Sneeze A pollen puff blast hides you from enemy sight for a short duration. Effects Invisibility Pinch Attack Damage Unlocked by: Analyzing Pollen Materials Pollenx3 Grub Hidex1 x


Flare Disposable, throwable light. Effects Unlocked by: Analyzing Gunpowder Clump Materials Gunpowder Clumpx1 Fire Ant Partx1 x

Worker’s Comp

Worker’s Comp The power of an ant in the palm of your hand. Drinking this makes you feel like you can haul more. Effects Hauling Strenght Unlocked by: Analyzing Red Ant Mandibles Materials Red Ant Mandibelsx1 Red Ant Partx1 Red Ant Headx1

Questionable Slop

Questionable Slop A hodgepodge of ingredients mashed in to a mostly drinkable goop. Recovers HP when consumed. Effects Trickle Regen Materials Any Itemx3 x x

Liquid Rage

Liquid Rage All sorts of dangerous things in drinkable form! Consuming this makes you feel way stronger. Effects Attack Unlocked by: Analyzing Larva Spike Materials Red Ant Mandibelsx1 Spider Fangx1 Larva Spikex1

Liquid Gills

Liquid Gills A scientific mystery that allows you to breathe underwater for a short time. Effects Veteran Diver Unlocked by: Analyzing Water Flea Meat Materials Eelgrass Strandx1 Raw Tadpole Meatx1 Water Flea Meatx1

Human Food

Human Food All of the ingredients are normal every day foods; what could go wrong if you smash them all together? Effects Damage Resist Unlocked by: Analyzing Fresh Apple Bits, Fresh Billy Hog Bite, or Fresh Cookie Sandwich Bits Materials Fresh Apple Bitsx1 Fresh Billy Hog Bitex1 Fresh Cookie Sandwich Bitsx1

Hedge Lord

Hedge Lord Refreshing and nutritious. Lowers the rates of both hunger and thirst. Effects Moist Fuller Unlocked by: Analyzing Berry Chunk Materials Berry Chunkx1 Acorn Bitsx1 Aphid Honeydewx1