A Fell Venture

At the time of this post, Ashes of Creation is currently in periodic spot testing with the Alpha One Testers. However we are super excited for Information on Alpha Two and Beta, so in the mean time, lets take a look at this cute Fell Venture.

A Fell Venture

Day: 1 – A Fell Venture

“We Kaelar have always been an inquisitive folk, even more so since we had begun to document our findings of this new, yet strange land. Research into the local flora and fauna has begun in earnest, with my domain lying within the local jungles, and only the gods know what I might find.”

fellbeak macaw concept

Day: 3

“Unfortunately, the unabating heat and humidity that seems to accompany all jungles is no less present back beyond the portal than here. The retinue commissioned to ensure my safety has made no small effort to voice their complaints in this matter. Nevertheless, a task needs finishing. Though, through the haze, I’ve caught glimpses of a curious, feathered creature. A brilliant deluge of blue and yellow in stark contrast to the green drab of the jungle. It turned to look at me with an almost unsettling focus before letting out a loud squawk and running off in the opposite direction.

Day: 6

“My research continues, with more and more new life being documented each hour. Yet again I find the strange yet colorful creature along the path of our journey. It was closer this time, granting me a more thorough opportunity to study. It possessed a pair of black avian legs with short, but sharp talons, yet its wings were clearly underdeveloped. Indeed this bird was relegated to a life of subsistence along the jungle floor. Curiously, and perhaps more unnervingly, it’s black beak was lined with what I could only describe as teeth. This strange combination of hard, hacking beak and sharp teeth lend me to believe it is, in fact, an omnivore. Luckily it has shown no outward signs of aggression, though I’m sure a hard strike from this bird would fell any man. I wish to press yet further, much to the chagrin of the guards, but the promise of a heftier coin purse seemed to motivate them well enough.”

fellbeak macaw production model 1

Day: 7

“Gods, the danger has passed for the moment, yet my hands tremble so. We found the bird at last in the center of a clearing, occasionally turning to glance at us. We moved farther inward for a better view when the creature’s shrill shriek broke the silence. All at once, from every direction, the damnable birds burst forth from the canopy. The guards held for a time, desperately cutting a path back into the brush. It was only a matter of time until they got to me, and all I could do was run, to run and dare not look back. These birds are far more cunning and predatory than I could have thought. Only now do I realize that I’d never seen more than one of the creatures at any given time. The creature my unfortunate retinue and I had been tracking must have been a sort of scout, and saw fit to lure us to its brethren. To say I underestimated them only bespeaks my naivete.This small cave has allowed me to elude them thus far, but the ambient light is fading. Damnit, the expeditionaries must learn of this before mor…”

fellbeak macaw production model 2

If you took at look at the video, you really get to see why things take time. The timelapse of creating the Fellbeak Macaw really takes you on the Fell Venture. We hope you enjoyed this Article, be sure to take a look at all things Ashes of Creation.


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